XX: Chapter-9


Seeing the scene in the mirror, Qin Ke was slightly shocked. 

He paused for a moment, and said, “He is the wolf lord. After his reincarnation, he became a scholar?”

“No, he is a master of both civil and martial arts. According to his original fate, he would have become a talented general.” 

Xiao Ling sighed and transferred the mirror to another woman, and said “If you want to blame, blame this woman.”

Hearing it, Qin Ke cast his gaze on the woman in the mirror. 

The woman was very beautiful, wearing an emperor’s robe, but she had fallen into a pool of blood and lost her breath. 

After taking a glance, Qin Ke took his gaze back and said, “It’s his business that he failed in the tribulations, what does this have to do with this woman?”

“It’s not that I am helping him shirk his responsibility…”

“This matter really has something to do with her.” Xiao Ling put away the mirror and poured a cup of tea for Qin Ke.

“Ji An is known as Pei Ji An in the mortal world. He could have succeeded in the past. According to his original fate, he is born into a noble family but when he becomes an adult, his family drastically changed and fell to the bottom…”

“This dynasty will have a female emperor, and the Pei family will lose the trust of the new emperor. The whole family will be exiled, and his marriage with Princess Guang Ning would also be terminated…”

“Later, he strengthened his mind in the frontier, performed many military merits, and was promoted from the lowest level to the top…”

“His daughter with the princess will become the next queen of the dynasty, and his son will also marry the princess of the neighboring country, making an ill-fated love story of success and fame…”

“But now, this woman has just stepped in, not only hindering the original development but also breaking Pei Ji An’s official career. She also hindered his marriage with Princess Guang Ning…”

“As a result, Pei Ji An failed his love tribulation, causing him to need to go through the tribulation again.”

After listening to the whole story, Qin Ke didn’t know what to say. 

But seeing the face of his colleagues, Qin Ke tried to tactfully say, “He seems a little too useless.”

“It’s not that he is useless…he has tried his best.” At this point, Xiao Ling had to stand up and be fair to the wolf lord. 

“He has been fighting hard against that woman. But his maternal grandfather and his uncle were beheaded, and his cousins were exiled. His fiancee, his sister, and his unborn nephew were murdered. His mother was seriously sick, and his grandmother died in resentment.”

“These things were all done by one person. He can’t save anyone so he finally decided to die with that woman, which is somewhat reasonable.”

Qin Ke did not understand the situation and declined to comment. However, according to Xiao Ling’s description, Pei Ji An’s life was indeed a bit miserable, and that woman was too brutal.

Xiao Ling continued, “The tribulation has failed and he had to reincarnate again to go through the tribulation again…”

“But the Heavenly Court is in critical condition now and we can’t wait for him to reincarnate again. Therefore, I want him to return to his past life with his memories.”

“Yes…” Qin Ke said, “but there is a law of cause and effect. If he is reborn, his enemy should also be reborn with the memory of the past. If not, it would be against the heavenly laws.”

Xiao Ling knew that Qin Ke would say this.

It was said that the laws of heaven were strict, but Qin Ke was more rigid than the cold rules of the heavens. 

And it was absolutely impossible to expect him to agree to open a small loophole to help the wolf lord.

Xiao Ling knew that Qin Ke could not agree, so he changed his tone and said, “I think so too. But this woman is really too ruthless. If we don’t give the memory of the past to the wolf lord, then he definitely won’t be able to win…”

“And if Li Chao Ge remembers her past because of this, the possibility of the wolf lord winning against her is almost zero…”

“I have run hundreds of possibilities through the mirror and have the same result every time.”

Qin Ke asked, “Li Chao Ge is…”

“The woman who almost drove the wolf lord crazy.”

Knowing it, Qin Ke asked, “So, what are you trying to say?”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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