XX: Chapter-8


Qin Ke stretched out his long sleeves and went to meet the guest.

Qin Ke went straight to the subject without any greetings, “Lord God Xiao, what are you looking for?”

Lord God Xiao Ling felt rather helpless. 

The two of them had known each other and had been working together for thousands of years. 

Xiao Ling believed that their cooperation was quite pleasant, but Qin Ke had always been so alienated and indifferent to him when they met. 

Xiao Ling smiled and said, “Lord God Qin, since the court is finished. You can relax for a while. You are talking like you are interrogating a prisoner, not like talking to your friend.”

Qin Ke sat opposite Xiao Ling and asked, “Is there a problem with the mirror?”

Xiao Ling raised his eyebrows helplessly and completely gave up talking about feelings with Qin Ke. 

Xiao Ling reduced his smile and directly moved on to the topic.

 “Yes. Lord God Xi Kui has been in retreat for a hundred years. Today Xu Mi, in charge of the west, checked three thousand mirrors and gave a divination about Lord God Xi Kui…”

“This time, he is afraid that Lord God can’t make it through.”

Hearing it, Qin Ke frowned. Although the four of them were of the same level of gods, their powers and responsibilities were completely different. 

He was in charge of criminal names, Xiao Ling was in charge of the future, Dong Yang led farming, and Xi Kui was in charge of killing.

The names and responsibilities of the four Lord God remained unchanged, but the people who sit in the positions of the Lord God would change from time to time. 

Xi Kui was attacked by the killing and hostility of the whole world because of it, it was easy for him to go crazy.

Xuan Mo has sat in the position of Lord God Xi Kui for two thousand years. 

The world was divided into four directions, and every position must be guarded by someone, otherwise, the sky would tilt and the mountains and seas would collapse, which would create chaos. 

If Xuan Mo couldn’t pass through this catastrophe, it would be imminent to find the next candidate for Lord God Xi Kui.

Qin Ke asked, “Can Xu Mi give other guidelines??”

Xiao Ling shook his head and said, “No. But the West is for killings and to suppress the murderous aura in the world. There are only a few people in the heavens, who can guard it…”

“There is no need for instructions from the mirror. Originally Sky Lord was the best candidate for the position, but unfortunately, he has disappeared.”

The current Sky Lord was Lord Zhou Chang Geng. He was famous for fighting demons in Heaven. 

It was said that before Zhou Chang Geng became immortal, he was one of the best martial arts masters in the mortal world. After practicing martial arts to the extreme, he suddenly opened up the spirit vein and entered into the path of cultivation with martial arts. 

After many years of practice, he soared to immortality through martial arts.

However, after Zhou Chang Geng’s ascension, he refused to obey discipline and caused a lot of trouble in Heaven. 

A few years ago, he violated the rules of the sky by drinking wine and refused the penalty. He even wounded the heavenly soldiers and ran away. 

The Heavenly Court had been looking for him, but unfortunately, he had not been captured yet.

Qin Ke asked, “Are there any clues about Zhou Chang Geng?”

“No.” Xiao Ling replied and added, “Even if Zhou Chang Geng is captured, he will still be punished and have to go to jail. He can’t relieve the urgent need…”

“Moreover, because of his temperament, he is not suitable for a high position. When he was the Sky Lord, he took the lead in violating the rules of the sky. Let him become a heavenly Lord God, what will he do one can guess?”

Qin Ke understood, and directly asked, “Then do you have a new candidate?”

“I don’t dare to choose one, but I have a few recommendations…” Xiao Ling said as he called out to the mirror.

The mirror showed an image of a man, Xiao Ling added, “The most suitable one is Jun Ji An, the Wolf Lord.”

The candidate Xiao Ling chose was the same as Qin Ke thought. 

The Wolf Lord held wealth, and the current Wolf Lord was reincarnated into the world. 

Generally, he would either be a powerful official or the founding emperor. It was just right for such people to suppress the murderous aura in the West.

Thinking for a while, Qin Ke said, “Ji An seems to be reincarnated in the world. Today, he should be back.”

“This is exactly what I came for…” Xiao Ling’s long sleeves flicked, and the scene in the mirror changed, showing the scene of the palace on earth. 

Xiao Ling added, “He failed in the tribulation.”


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