XX: Chapter-7


Lord Of Justice Qin Ke calmly looked at the kneeling people below. For thousands of years, after presiding over hundreds of cases, he had heard these selfless words countless times. 

Heaven’s punishment for moving the mortal heart was getting heavier and heavier, but those who knowingly sinned were still going forward. 

This was already the fifth fairy he had to punish for secretly marrying a mortal and living a life as a couple. 

The first few fairies could be said to be ignorant, but Fairy Peony had never made a mistake in managing her work for thousands of years. And here she still made the same mistake as her predecessors. 

It was really hard for the Lord Of Justice, Qin Ke, to understand the reason.

But, Fairy Peony and Yang Lang were indeed better than the last couple. These two still wanted to protect each other in the crisis. 

However, what did this have to do with him?

With a stoic voice, Qin Ke said, “The Fairy Peony knowingly committed a crime, and moved the mortal heart. As a punishment, her immortal bones will be removed and her cultivation base will be destroyed.”

“She will be deprived of the honor of the head of the flowers, and removed from the list of flowers, entering the cycle of reincarnation and going through its suffering.”

“The mortal Yang Hua lured the heavenly fairy to be killed, sealing his soul as an animal soul forever. His mortal soul will never be forgiven.”

Hearing the punishment, Fairy Peony’s pupils dilated. 

Even while being embarrassed, she desperately pleaded, “Lord God, if you want to punish me, please punish me. But it’s none of Yang Lang’s business! It was my sin, it was me who secretly went down to the world and lured him. Yang Lang is innocent!!”

Fairy Peony’s mournful voice sounded in the Palace of Order, but Qin Ke was unmoved, with neither a happy nor sad voice he ordered, “Execute now.”

The heavenly soldiers immediately stepped forward and took away Yang Lang and let him go to animal life. 

Fairy Peony begged to no avail. 

Finally, seeing that her lover was taken away by the heavenly soldiers, she hysterically shouted and suddenly broke free from the immortal ropes.

And took out her magic weapon to attack the heavenly soldiers.

After all, Fairy Peony had the strength of a hundred flowers, and the cultivation level shouldn’t be underestimated. 

However, as she tried her best to strike the heavenly soldiers, she felt a sudden chill and got restrained by a cold force.

Fairy Peony fell from mid-air with a bang, and the more she struggled, the tighter the cold force restrained her.

When Yang Lang saw this, his eyes were about to split, he shouted, “Peony…”

“Yang Lang…”

Fairy Peony burst into tears, but she still had to watch her lover being taken away by the heavenly soldiers. 

Fairy Peony collapsed, but after a moment she suddenly rose to the sky and screamed, “I just wanted to love someone, what did I do wrong?!”

Qin Ke gently raised his cold hand, and someone immediately came forward, and Fairy Peony was dragged out of the Palace of Order.

Before leaving, Fairy Peony, who had been struggling unwillingly, stared at Qin Ke with a pair of grieving eyes, and sternly said, “Lord God Qin, you are so ruthless and desireless, heartless and loveless. I curse your future love. I curse you to also watch the person you love leave you with your own eyes, suffering from reincarnation for the rest of your life!”

Fairy Peony’s stern and a sharp voice rang through the hall, and the law enforcement heaven soldiers felt cold all over. 

However, Qin Ke calmly looked at Fairy Peony and watched her leave without any emotions.

Long after Fairy Peony left, her sharp voice seemed to still echo in the Palace of Order.

The little fairy who was the gatekeeper was so frightened that he didn’t even dare to breathe. 

He trembled and walked into the Palace of Order and slowly whispered, “Lord God Qin, Lord God Xiao is here!”

There is upper heaven above the nine heavens, which is in charge of all the affairs of heaven. 

After all the immortals ascended, the first step was to report to the heavenly court, and after that, they would be named in the heavenly court. 

However, as the aura in the world was getting less and less, there were very few mortals that could ascend to immortals, and the way to the sky was almost cut off.

Upper heaven was guarded by the heavenly court, and the heavenly court was guarded by the four heavenly lords.

The four heavenly lords, Lord God Qin Ke, Lord God Xiao Ling, Lord God Jun Chong, and Lord Gord Xuan Mo. 

Among them, Lord God Qin Ke was in charge of criminal law and was at the top of the four. 

Lord God Xiao Ling could predict the future from the immortal mirror, and his status was second only to Qin Ke.



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