XX: Chapter-6


Above the nine layers of tumbling white clouds, the South Gate of Heaven stood quietly. Behind the South Gate, many majestic palaces covered in holy light were scattered. 

From time to time, many auspicious birds and beasts could be seen passing by. creating an immortal picture.

Just north of the South Gate, the Palace of Order was located. A majestic palace with high steps, looking condescending and solemn. 

In the Palace of Order, a female fairy dressed in red was kneeling on the ground, looking sad and embarrassed. Next to the embarrassed female fairy, a pale-looking mortal man was kneeling. 

The man was kneeling on the white jade brick of the Palace of Order, his face looking deadly pale. His breath was dying, still, the cold air of the Palace of Order caused his body to be shaken from time to time.

The Nine Layers of Great Heaven was already a cold place, the Palace of Order which was still situated at the highest point of the Nine Layers of Great Heaven was the coldest. 

Seeing the dying man, the female fairy looked very sad, and couldn’t help but call, “Yang Lang…”

With the dying breath, the mortal man still tried his best to smile while speaking to his beloved wife in a comforting tone and said, “Peony, don’t feel afraid…whether it is life or death, we will always be together.”

The female fairy’s eyes turned red, with tears in her eyes she was about to say something to her man. But suddenly a wave of heavy pressure came from above the Palace of Order, an invisible cold air swept across the immortal hall. 

The dense clouds around the Nine Heavens suddenly surged in high waves and a cold bright light came from the high platform of the Palace of Order, almost blinding the eyes.

The female fairy, Peony had to mobilize all her cultivation to resist the intense cold waves coming from the high platform.

Peony could support herself, but Yang Lang couldn’t. 

Being targeted by intense waves, Yang Lang’s eyebrows and hair tips immediately turned frosty, and his already pale lips turned blue. 

Looking at her dying lover, the red fairy sadly called out.

Worthy of being one of the four lords of heaven, being in charge of the court of justice, the Lord Of Justice, Lord God Qin Ke.

Coming across the mighty power of the Lord Of Justice, Peony couldn’t support herself. 

Not just her, across the entire heaven, there were only a few people who could compete with the Lord Of Justice, but none could win against him.

Knowing what was going to happen to her and her lover in a while, Peony’s mood became more and more serious. 

Before Peony could think about how to deal with the situation, a pure and mysterious voice came from the high platform.

“Fairy Peony, after going to the mortal world, you violated the rules of heaven and married a mortal man. Are you wronged?”

Peony weakly lowered her neck, and in a grim voice answered, “This fairy admits her fault.”

“It is against the heavenly rules to fornicate with the mortals. You are charged by this sin. Are you wronged?”

“No injustice, Lord God.” Fairy Peony weakly replied, while staring at her reflection on the cold tiles. 

Peony knew that Lord Of Justice, Lord God Qin Ke was the most ruthless lord and her trial was personally held by Lord Of Justice, so she was just going to die today. 

At the last moment of her life, Fairy Peony forcefully looked at the dying Yang Lang and with teary eyes and a choked-up voice said, “I agree to the sin, but I don’t regret it. The days in the Nine Heavens are lonely years without any fluctuations. Being a mortal is happy, to love and feel many emotions. It is worth losing all my powers. I know I have violated the rules of heaven, and I am willing to receive the punishment. But I will never regret marrying Yang Lang.”

“Okay.” The lord on the high platform nodded lightly and said in a cold voice, “Tempted and without any intention of repentance for the sin. According to the rules of the heavens, one more crime is added.”

Hearing the judgment, Peony’s face paled, and her face became completely bloodless.

She wanted to take a step forward, trying to intercede, but both of her hands were tied behind her, and after just taking a step she lost her balance and fell embarrassedly on the cold and hard jade floor. 

Ignoring the pain, Fairy Peony raised her head and stared at the man above while pleading, “Lord Of Justice, this fairy knows that she has done an unforgivable act, and dare not ask Lord God’s forgiveness. But, I only wanted to ask the Lord God to watch this fairy serve the heavenly court for thousands of years and serve the additional crime. But, Lord God please leave Yang Lang’s life!”

Although Yang Lang didn’t know what the rules of the heavens were, looking at Peony’s reaction, he knew that the consequences of adding one more crime to her would be very serious. 

Yang Lang was restrained by an immortal rope and couldn’t free himself, but he climbed to the front and pleaded to the lord, “Peony is innocent. I am to blame. I stole her clothes so that she couldn’t return to heaven. I was the one who tricked her into staying in the world. Lord God, my wife is innocent, and if Lord Of Justice wants to punish us, so please just punish me. Please, do not blame Peony!!”



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