XX: Chapter-5


Pei Ji An knew that Li Chao Ge was from the mortal world, but still, for some reason, this woman had comprehended a lot of immortal skill. 

This woman could fly over the walls, exorcise demons and kill hundreds of people in a single move. 

It was because of her omnipotent skills, the Queen had reused her and created the Demon Division.

In the last few years, Li Chao Ge had nearly offended all the ministers and officials. 

Many people had hired mercenaries to kill her, but unfortunately, no matter how famous the assassin was, none survived after attacking her. 

After the failed attack, Li Chao Ge would madly retaliate against the person who had sent the assassin.

So, whenever any official mentioned Li Chao Ge, they would be itching with anger to kill her, but still would be terrified to act against her.

Not even Pei Ji An could kill her.

After Pei Ji An attacked Li Chao Ge with his sword, Li Chao Ge was still unscathed but Pei Ji An was struck by a powerful force.

Pei Ji An’s meridians were in severe pain.

After having this unpleasant conversation, Li Chao Ge’s mood had deteriorated and her heart was exhausted.

Obviously, today was a big day for her, she was going to ascend the throne, but now because of the push and pull, her dress was in chaos.

Li Chao Ge turned around to sort out her jade pendant carefully and indifferently said to Pei Ji An, “You should go back now. I will pretend that today’s things have never happened, and you can still be my noble husband.”

Li Chao Ge continued, “You are the eldest grandson of the Pei family. You should be obedient, only then the rest of the Pei family can continue to live.”

Hearing it, Pei Ji An swallowed the mouthful of blood and smiled sarcastically at Li Chao Ge.

What was he in her eyes, a canary, who had no dignity or opinion??

Pei Ji An knew that there would be many people in the capital who wanted to recommend themselves to be Li Chao Ge’s royal consort. 

After all, Li Chao Ge was a top-notch choice considering her appearance and power. But she never swept her eyes once at others, and later the people below didn’t dare to act. 

Everyone admired Pei Ji An’s great blessing, but Pei Ji An didn’t want to bear such a ruthless blessing.

While adjusting her pendant, Li Chao Ge didn’t dare to shy away from exposing her back to Pei Ji An, because, in her cognition, no one in the world could hurt her except the Old Man Zhou.

But Li Chao Ge had forgotten, in this world, there was always more than one exception.

Pei Ji An wiped his pale fingers on the blade twice and stroked it hard. The blood flowed through the Qian Yuan sword, making it fascinating.

Unlike the ordinary sword, it had absorbed Pei Ji An’s blood without any leakage. The Qian Yuan sword had become red, full of murderous intent.

Suddenly, Li Chao, Ge felt a fierce murderous intent coming towards her from the back!

Li Chao Ge was alarmed, she immediately turned around, trying to resist with all her skills, but unfortunately, she was still a step late.

Before she could resist, Qian Yuan sword pierced through her heart, the cold red blade passed through the emperor’s robe and went through her warm body. 

Disregarding her pain, Li Chao Ge stretched out her hand to hold the sword, and with a persistent stare asked Pei Ji An, “Do you want to kill me so badly!? You don’t even hesitate to sacrifice this sword??”

Li Chao Ge, who had been in charge of the town’s demon division for so many years, could easily recognize that this sword was fierce.

The previous owner of the sword had done many killings with it, the evil killing spirit on the sword was already enough to cut cleanly through the half-immortal safety barrier. 

Such an evil sword couldn’t be used casually.

Pei Ji An was able to find this fierce sword, and what was even more shocking was that he didn’t even hesitate to sacrifice his own blood to the sword.

Once any fierce sword absorbs blood, it would never give up until it fully absorbs the blood of the activator, who opened the sword.

Pei Ji An had been preparing for this day for a very long time, before coming here, he had considered every possibility. 

But when he really went through the last step and pierced the sword into Li Chao Ge’s heart, he suddenly felt a huge vacancy in his heart.

He had really killed her! He had finally gotten rid of her!!

Pei Ji An stared at her, without blinking his eyes. 

Pei Ji An suddenly felt that he had lost consciousness of his body. His hand was still on the hilt of the sword, he should have used this opportunity to pierce the sword deeper but he couldn’t move.

“I am sorry. If there is a next life, please don’t love me anymore.”

Li Chao Ge stared at Pei Ji An, and suddenly couldn’t help but laugh. She had married him for six years, but in the end, the last thing he said to her was to stop loving him. 

Their marriage had brought a lot of pain to Pei Ji An, but was Li Chao Ge happy??

Without any warning, Li Chao Ge slapped Pei Ji’an.

Her heart was pierced and she couldn’t live, but the person who had killed her without any good reason could live well, how could it be possible.

Li Chao Ge had never done any good things, she only repaid gratitude and revenge. She had never treated her benefactor badly, nor did she spare her enemies.

Even if Li Chao Ge liked Pei Ji An, now that she was going to die, Pei Ji An could not live.

Even if Li Chao Ge was about to die, Pei Ji An couldn’t bear the force of her palm. And at such a close distance, Pei Ji An couldn’t hide.  

In fact, Pei Ji An didn’t bother to hide.

After getting hit by Li Chao Ge’s palm, Pei Ji An’s breast bone broke and his internal organs shattered.

He even spouted a mouthful of blood, was thrown several meters away. His body fell heavily to the ground. 

Li Chao Ge was also affected by the wound. She shakily clutched the sword hilt and slowly fell on the floor.

In her whole life, Li Chao Ge was first separated from her family when she was young, and then when she became a teenager, she was abandoned by Old Man Zhou. 

After leaving the mountain, it was easy to find her family, but her existence became something that everyone hated. 

She was someone who had killed her younger brother, her elder sister, her mother, her grandmother, her husband’s grandfather, her sister-in-law, her mother-in-law.

After killing everyone who was against her, she finally became the emperor, but she still had nothing.

In the end, she was killed by her husband, her royal consort.

Everything was her choice, and she didn’t regret it. 

But if she could do it again, she didn’t want to go this way again, especially, she didn’t want to like Pei Ji An again.


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