XX: Chapter-4


Pei Ji An suddenly fell two steps back, and in a collapsed voice asked, “Li Chao Ge, why did you do it? She was just an innocent princess, who wanted a carefree life. She wasn’t even willing to trample an ant, so why did you have to kill her?”

Li Chao Ge chuckled angrily when she heard those words. 

Why did she have to kill Li Chang Le? Wasn’t it because of him?

Li Chao Ge had tried to endure Li Chang Le for such a long time, but later she couldn’t so she finally chose to finish her. 

First, it was because of the political factors, and the second, because Li Chang Le had touched her bottom line.

When the country was in turmoil, many ministers were imprisoned and exiled.

Li Chao Ge was busy handling them, then she thought that she hadn’t seen Pei Ji An for a long time, after the Pei family incident, so she decided to meet and apologize to Pei Ji An on his birthday. 

On Pei Ji An’s birthday, Li Chao Ge specially asked for a day off and silently went to Pei’s mansion to celebrate his birthday.

Two years ago after the Pei family incident, Pei Ji An had moved out of the princess’s mansion and started living separately from her.

Li Chao Ge went to Pei’s mansion ignoring the aggressive sight of Pei’s subordinates, and personally made a table of dishes for Pei Ji An’s birthday and waited for him.

She waited the whole night, when the dishes were cooled, she heated them, and then the dishes cooled again, but Pei Ji An didn’t come back.

After waiting for the whole night, Li Chao Ge’s heart turned cold. In anger, she dumped all the food and asked her people to check Pei Ji An’s whereabouts. 

The guard of the outer city gate reported that Master Pei went out early in the morning to celebrate his birthday with Princess Li Chang Le at the Jingting Mountain.

Li Chang Le’s birthday was only a day later than Pei Ji An. While she was waiting here at Pei’s mansion for Pei Ji An, he was busy celebrating his birthday with Li Chang Le. 

Her people also reported that after celebrating the birthday together, the two of them got drunk and rolled onto the bed.

Knowing about it, Li Chao Ge was completely angered. 

Pei Ji An had once said that he felt disgusted when she called him ‘Imperial Husband’, but Li Chao Ge always felt filthy from the heart when she saw Pei Ji An after that incident.

As soon as she looked at him, she would think of Pei Ji An and Li Chang Le disgustingly rolling on the bed.

So, Li Chao Ge single-handedly led the King Zhao conspiracy case and implicated Li Chang Le. Just in a week, Li Chang Le “feared the sin and committed the suicide”. She hanged himself in front of the whole capital.

Now, Pei Ji An was asking her why.

Li Chao Ge’s heart had a lot of anger and disappointment, but her voice was still unwavering when she spoke.

“I want to kill her, so I killed her.”

That sentence completely drove Pei Ji An crazy. 

After hearing those words, Pei Ji An suddenly drew his sword and ran towards Li Chao Ge. Li Chao Ge simply turned sideways and unhurriedly clamped the sword with her two fingers.

Li Chao Ge didn’t move her body, she only shook her head lightly and pushed Pei Ji An away with his sword. 

Pei Ji An stumbled back.

After giving a condescending look, Li Chao Ge looked at Pei Ji An with tolerance and pity and said, “I have broken through to the sword realm, and my body and sword have united. My body has become invulnerable, there is nothing in the world that can hurt me.”

“Pei Ji An, you can’t kill me.”

Pei Ji An stretched out his hand and slowly wiped away the blood trickling from his mouth. 



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1 year ago

I just want to ask you girl are you sick in your head? Why would you keep someone who cheated you with your sister by your side ? If you can kill one adulter why not kill another ?