XX: Chapter-3


After her mother found out about Li Huai’s death, she vomited blood and suddenly her condition worsened. Before collapsing her mother called out Li Chao Ge and asked her about Li Huai’s rebellion.

What could Li Chao Ge do? 

There was no retreat at that point. She could only move forwards and kill her mother. The only way to survive was to become an emperor, so she faked an imperial decree and made herself the emperor.

“My Pei family has been working for this empire for a hundred years, and has made great achievements over the years, but in the end, the prominent Pei family was destroyed. Was it also your work? Did you do it?”

“Yes. It’s me.”

Pei Jian’s family was a well-known and prominent family. Those of the Pei family were highly regarded by the emperor and they only support the emperor.

But her mother wanted to lift the curtain and become an emperor, so Li Chao Ge had no choice but to destroy the Pei family.

Pei Ji An’s father was naive and ignorant, he helped the convicted Sun’s family to speak out, and was convicted in the end too.

But, Li Chao Ge tried her best to save the lives of other members of Pei’s family.

Listening to her confession, Pei Ji An’s eyes turned red, he couldn’t wait to swallow this woman alive. 

Over the years, whenever he thought of his Pei family, and their experiences. With the pain of his grandfather, cousins, and other members, he couldn’t wait to kill himself. Make himself disappear from this world forever. 

It was all because of him, he had provoked this woman and brought endless disasters to the Pei family.  

Pei Ji An forcibly closed his eyes and forced himself to continue to ask. Today he had to know everything.

“Chu Yue was attacked on the road when she was going to the palace. Her carriage was destroyed and she was killed. At that time, she was three months pregnant. Was it you? This is also what you did?” 

When Li Chao Ge confessed earlier, her eyes were clear and her tone was firm. 

Because she knew that she had to kill those people to survive if she didn’t kill they would kill her. Li Huai, her mother, and others would kill her.

This was all just a political struggle. Whoever lost would die. There were no grievances, but only now, Li Chao Ge was silent.

Pei Chu Yue was Pei Ji An’s younger sister and had a good relationship with Li Chang Le. They were childhood playmates.

When Li Chao Ge ordered Pei Chu Yue to be killed, she didn’t know that she was three months pregnant.

But what could she say to defend herself, she had killed her, that was a fact. 

Li Chao Ge didn’t defend herself and admitted.

“It was me.”

Those words were like the last straw that completely crushed Pei Ji An. 

Pei Ji An bitterly stared at Li Chao Ge.

“Why? Li Chao Ge, why did you do all of this? If you hate me, you should kill me. Why do you hurt my family?”

Li Chao Ge didn’t want to have this unpleasant conversation anymore.

Li Chao Ge turned, straightened her sleeves, and while staring in the bronze mirror, she said, “Auspicious hour is here, the officials are still waiting outside. I am going to Imperial Hall. if you want to join, you can come with me, and if not, you can go back.”

After speaking, Li Chao Ge turned his back to Pei Ji An. She didn’t know that Pei Ji An’s eyes had turned red, and he had gone crazy.

“Where is Chang Le?”

Li Chao Ge’s hands stopped and she lowered her eyes.

“It was me too.”

She had killed so many people, but while killing Li Chang Le, she was very happy.

Pei Ji An’s last illusion was also broken. 

When he asked that sentence, he even wanted to beg Li Chao Ge to deny it all. 

Even if she was lying, it wouldn’t matter. However, Li Chao Ge didn’t even bother to lie to him.

This woman was so vicious.


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