XX: Chapter-2


Li Chao Ge knew that she had offended many people to reach where she was today, so she had cultivated many spies and martial artists to guard in and around the palace.

But she also knew that those people with just some superficial skills could not stop Pei Ji An, who was outstanding in both civil and military affairs. 

The maids and eunuchs working in the palace knew that the queen and the royal husband had a complicated relationship, so hearing the arrival of the royal husband, the attendants left the imperial hall.

The magnificent hall was shrouded by silent loneliness and oppression.

A figure dressed in cyan crossed the threshold of the imperial hall and walked in the middle looking coldly at Li Chao Ge.

Li Chao Ge was wearing the grand costume of the Empress and was all dressed up for the coronation, but Pei Ji An was still wearing the cyan cloth he mostly wore during the court with a long sword on his body.

When she first saw Pie Ji An, Li Chao Ge still remembered that when he was wearing the same dress. In the official dress, he looked like a bright moon that instantly captured Li Chao Ge’s heart.

From the moment she first saw Ji An, Li Chao Ge had tried every means to get him. But she came back too late, and Pei Ji An was already engaged to her younger imperial sister Li Chang Le.

Li Chang Le was her younger sister and the most favored princess in the palace. She grew up enjoying the fame and glory of the princess from her childhood. 

Pei Ji An and Li Chang Le were already together, but Li Chao Ge refused to give up. She even begged her mother to marry Pei Ji An.

She did not hesitate to give up her dignity and conscience, she actively helped her mother to do works from bright to dark.

When someone opposed the appearance of Queen Mother in the court or opposed the women’s power, it was inconvenient for the mother to solve it, so it was Li Chao Ge’s who came forward and condemned them and sometimes even killed them who opposed.

Li Chao Ge relied on those bloodstained credits to exchange them for a piece of the marriage decree with Pei Ji An. 

She had come from the grassroots since she was a child when couldn’t get enough food, or warm clothes, she had learned to rely on herself and snatch it for a living. 

So when she liked that person, she didn’t know how to tell him or how to make him like herself, she could only snatch him away and treat him well. 

Li Chao Ge thought that as long as she treat Pei Ji An with her sincere heart, then one day Ji An would also accept her and try to love her.

But, it didn’t happen.

Even today, her favorite man, the noble husband, came to her enthronement wearing cold plain clothes with no obvious pleasure on his face.

Li Chao Ge still smiled at Pei Ji’an and asked, “The noble husband, why are you here?”

“Don’t call me that.” Pei Ji An coldly looked at her and added, “That title makes me feel disgusted.” Those words like a sharp knife slowly pierced her heart.

“Okay.” Showing a good temper, Li Chao Ge tolerated him and said, “Since you don’t like it, I will not use it. From now on, I will call you My Man.”

Pei Ji An’s face was still cold and disgusted, he didn’t want to have any relationship with Li Chao Ge, but they were already married.

Pei Ji An thought of the reason he came here today, and with cold eyes, he slowly asked,  “Li Chao Ge, for the last time I have taken the initiative to come and find you. I will ask you again, did you kill King Zhao?”

Hearing the question, the smile in Li Chao Ge’s eyes dimmed, and her expression turned cold.

It turned out that today he came here for this, if it weren’t for those people, he wouldn’t even bother to meet her.

When the royal husband dared to ask, Li Chao Ge without hesitation, nodded her head and said, “It was me.”

King Zhao was Li Huai, Li Chao Ge’s younger brother and the former prince of this kingdom. From last year, many officials had voiced their opinion to establish King Zhao as the crown prince, and many secretly spoke for Li Huai. Even her terrible mother showed her inclination to pass the throne to him. 

Li Chao Ge had already offended many people, so if she didn’t become the emperor, then she would be killed. So, Li Chao Ge could only frame Li Huai for rebellion, exile him, and kill him on the way.

She did it, it was her!

Pei Ji An tightly clenched his fingers into a fist, the blue veins bursting out from the back of his hand.

“The Great Empress suddenly died, did you killed her?” The Great Empress was her mother.

Li Chao Ge confessed, “It was me.”



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