XX: Chapter-11


The yard was not big, and the walls were weak. It can be seen that the days were not rich. 

At this moment, the windows of the main room of the courtyard were closed, the room was dark and there was no sound at all.

There was no moon tonight, and the oil lamp on the table had dried up.

On the bed, Li Chao Ge was lying, her eyebrows were tightly furrowed and her eyelashes trembling violently. 

She suddenly trembled and opened her dark eyes.

Li Chao Ge gasped, her opened eyes kept staring at the roof for a long time before realizing that she was still alive. 

She slowly got up, and her eyes vigilantly swept around.

Which place is this? Is she imprisoned?!

Li Chao Ge instinctively mobilized her inner qi to protect her body, and she was shocked by this. 

Li Chao Ge hurriedly checked her body and found that her body was not injured, but her inner qi was gone.

It wasn’t fully gone, more like it had become very weak. 

Li Chao Ge stretched out her hand and found that her fingers had become thinner, and there were small calluses left from chopping wood. 

They were not at all the pampered and murderous hands of her later life.

Li Chao Ge hurried to look for a mirror. Through the rough and fuzzy bronze mirror, she saw a familiar but young face.

Seeing her immature face, Li Chao Ge was surprised. She stroked her face in disbelief. 

She looked around the room and slowly remembered that this was Black Forest Village, where she used to live with Old Man Zhou before going to the capital to restore her status as a princess.

Li Chao Ge felt incredible. She was a martial artist, had already broken through to the half-immortal realm before death, and knew very well that Pei Ji An had pierced her heart with that sword, and she would never survive that stab.

However, at this moment she was really standing on the ground again, her body had become smaller, and even her martial arts had returned to her youth.

There is only one explanation, and that was that she didn’t know why she came back to life and was reborn as her younger self. 

Looking at the inner qi in her body, it was estimated that she was only fifteen or sixteen years old now.

Li Chao Ge held the table and sat down slowly. She stared at the person in the mirror blankly, thinking with emotion that she was only sixteen years old.

When she was sixteen in her previous life, she didn’t know that she was a princess. She thought she was a normal country girl, and her parents were unknown.

She lived an invisible life in the mountains dealing with the poisonous insects and beasts of the Black Forest. 

She didn’t know what her name was. She only vaguely remembered that when she was a child, someone called “Chao Ge” in her ear, and she thought her name was Chao Ge.

Old Man Zhou never told her where she came from, and Li Chao Ge knew that she was not born with him.

When she was a child, a child laughed at her for not having a parent and was beaten badly by Li Chao Ge.

After that day, no one dared to say anything about her.

She grew up like a boy, picking food and chopping wood, burning fire, and cooking since she was young, and she was brought particularly in a rough way by the old man Zhou. 

It was strange to say that she had never deliberately practiced martial arts, but from the age of eight the children in the village didn’t dare to fight back. 

At the age of ten, she could follow the adult men to hunt in the forest, and from the age of twelve, she could enter the mountains alone.

Even veterans who have hunted for more than ten years dare not enter the black forest mountain alone. However, since a young age, Li Chao Ge depended on black forest mountains to chop wood. 

At first, she had a bruise or swollen face but gradually she got used to it.

At the age of fourteen, Li Chao Ge was already able to bring down a black bear on her own. 

When she came back carrying the bear skin, she found that Old Man Zhou had disappeared. 

Only one old book and ten dirty copper plates were left at home. That day, Li Chao Ge was left behind again.

Anyway, it was not the first time to be discarded and Li Chao Ge only felt uncomfortable for two days and quickly looked away. 

She could live her life as she wanted. 

After that day, when she went hunting in the Black Forest, she would also practice the book left by the old man Zhou by the way. 

She didn’t know what the book was, but she was idle, so it was good to practice the skills.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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