XX: Chapter-10


Xiao Ling smiled, and personally put the tea in Qin Ke’s hand.

Xiao Ling added, “So, in my opinion, it is best for someone to go down in the mortal world and help the wolf lord to survive the catastrophe.”

Qin Ke’s face, which has not changed all year round, was a little surprised.

Xiao Ling was afraid that Qin Ke would disagree, so he quickly said, “The wolf lord is the owner of wealth, and most people can’t hold him down except you…”

“Moreover, although Lord God Qin has been in charge of the judgment and even though you no longer fight and kill, your battle achievements were very high.”

“So, only you can put the chaos out, protect the wolf lord and resolve the crisis of the heavens.”

Hearing it, Qin Ke was silent, he would naturally not fall into Xiao Ling’s word trap, but he knew that he might not be the only candidate to assist the wolf lord, but the one who could save the time and effort. 

For thousands of years, Qin Ke has had the instinct to abide by the rules of heaven and maintain order. 

If this was in the interests of the heavenly court, even if it went against Qin Ke’s wishes, he would agree.

Qin Ke nodded and said, “Okay.”

Hearing it, Xiao Ling was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Lord God Qin has great righteousness, and he puts the world as the most important thing…”

“Lord God Qin can rest assured, a day in the sky is a year in the mortal world. It will not take too much of your time.”

“However, with Lord God Qin’s divine power, even if you casually throw off your sleeves in the mortal world, it will cause landslides and tsunami…”

“For the sake of the living beings, Lord God Qin should suppress his cultivation base and seal his divine powers.”

“This is natural.” Qin Ke made an estimate and said, “I have neglected cultivation in recent years. If I suppressed it to one-third, it would be enough.”

Xiao Ling paused for a while and then said, “Lord God Qin, you underestimate yourself too much. In my opinion, at least one-tenth is needed.”


Qin Ke instinctively frowned.

Suppressing the cultivation to one-tenth meant he couldn’t even release a few spells. How was he different from a mortal?

But thinking that this was the arrangement of the Heavenly Palace, and for the sake of the mortal people, he still agreed, “Okay.”

“Thank you, Lord God Qin. I have checked that there is a cousin who lives in Pei’s family. His surname is Gu and his name is Ming Ke. He is one year older than Pei Ji An. He is a suitable candidate for Lord Qin.”

“This is all the information about Gu Ming Ke, please see it.”

Seeing Gu Ming Ke’s identity information, it seemed Xiao Ling planned it right from the beginning. 

Qin Ke didn’t dismantle Xiao Ling’s calculations, took the papers, and walked outside. 

When he left, Xiao Ling came from behind, “Lord God Qin, you are going to the lower realm for a mission. Everything should be based on the fate of the wolf lord. Don’t be contaminated with the mortal dust. And especially guard against the woman, Li Chao Ge.”

Qin Ke ignored it and suddenly disappeared from Heavenly Palace.

It was not difficult to get down, but before that, he had to go and solve the problem of Fairy Peony.

The sky was pitch black and sparse stars were scattered in the sky.

Under the night sky, there were ten miles of high mountains and dense forests, like a lurking behemoth, secret and dangerous.

The mountains were different from the towns, and there was no sound at night. There were only a few scattered lights at the foot of the mountain because the only village in the black forest was there.

Black Forest Village was surrounded by dark and bottomless forests, hence the name Black Forest Village. 

There were not many people in this village. They relied on hunting for their livelihoods. They were self-sufficient in food and clothing. 

If there were things that couldn’t be made, such as lamp oil, they could only go to the nearest town to buy them.

It was very dangerous to go to town through the Black Forest, so lighting a lamp at night was a very extravagant thing in the Black Forest Village.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

At the southwest corner of Black Forest Village, stood a small lonely courtyard. 


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