What To Do With A Pair of Kittens [WDWPK] (DROPPED)

Author: 烟玲
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: BL
Total Chapters: 63 chapters
Translator: littleFlowerX


A Weibo post suddenly became very popular, “Your Beloved Fu Yu Qian is actually a Cat Killer,” it appeared on a forum, and Fu Yu Qian fans quickly clicked on it.

Yu Qian kissed his cat’s mouth and his claws daily. He even rang the bell, and told the cat “I love you”.

Moreover, he even slept with his cat!!! Fu Yu Qian’s fans are sobbing. They were more than willing to be his cat and live with him!

Song Yu, whose half-life was already being shaken off, was desperate enough to let out a sigh.

The man who had not seen him for so a long time took him in his arms and said, “Give me another kiss.”

Song Yu was speechless, “…”

Song Yu was one of the top actors in the entertainment industry with more than 50 million fans, and many talent agency companies had to queue up to meet him.

He was a winner in life.

The only thing wrong with his near-perfect life was the presence of a person named Fu Yu Qian.

That guy was born to always have an advantage over him. He was taller than him by 0.5metres, and he had way more endorsement more than him. And most importantly he even had 20,000 more fans than him on Weibo!

Song Yu had a car accident, and when he regained consciousness, he found himself being a cat whose owner was none other than his mortal enemy Fu Yu Qian.

He laughed and thought maybe God wanted to help him by sending him here to spy on his enemy.

He must utilize this golden opportunity, and try to find all his flaws, so he could expose him later in front of the national audience!

Song Yu who now became a cat started keeping an eye on that person all the time to find some flaws.

He discovered that Fu Yu Qian didn’t have any flaws, he always talked sweetly with people. He was very gentle towards his cat, the only thing wrong with him as he liked doing weird things with the cat aka him!

“You get out of here! I’m gonna be a cat again!”

“It’s too late now…” The man grabbed Song Yu’s waist and embraced him tightly.

(This book has been dropped.)


Chapter-1 [ Part-1] [ Part-2]
Chapter-2 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-3 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]

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