WP: Chapter-7 (Part-1)


Uncle Zhang, thank you, I’m here.”

“You’re welcome, Miss Lin. I will wait for you here.”

“Actually, you don’t have to be so troubled, I can come back by myself.”

“No trouble, this is my job, Miss Lin. Please don’t say it next time.”

“..Okay, bye.”

Lin Xing Qing looked at the smiling uncle Zhang Hao who was busy parking the car and, after a moment of silence she finally went upstairs.

Sure enough, the boss and employee were alike.

Fang Xia was such an overbearing character, even the driver she invited was like her. 

Thinking wildly, Lin Xing Qing pressed the elevator. As the elevator gradually went up, those thoughts were easily pressed, and the rest was just an unspeakable joy.

It was only one night, but she missed her dad inexplicably.

Perhaps this was the sweet burden Dad said before.

Thinking that way, Lin Xing Qing quickly walked toward her father’s ward.

1201 VIP ward

Compared to the lively atmosphere of other wards, it seemed very quiet here. This kind of quietness was the best place for rest for the patients. 

Because of this quietness, Lin Xing Qing’s cheerful footsteps can’t help but relax. Looking at the tightly closed door in front of me, a slight sense of constriction came up.

She lightly approached the door, and carefully opened a small slit. Unexpectedly, it was not a clear sight, but darkness welcomed her.

At this point in time, the nurse had long pulled the curtains open, letting the sunlight come in. 

Firstly, for ventilation, and secondly, because sunlight would make people feel good.

Is it because she was not there, so the nurse became lazy?

This idea was suppressed by Lin Xing Qing as soon as it emerged. The professionalism of those nurses working here was very good. 

If it were not for this, then what would it be??

Because of the sudden thought, Lin Xing Qing’s hand holding the doorknob didn’t rush to open the door, but she just looked through the gap.

Even if there was darkness inside the room, because of the sun everything was clearly visible. 

Lin Yu Feng, was ill for a while and looked a little thin. The freshly washed blue cotton quilt almost covered his body. 

A pale and slender hand was clenching the quilt tightly, and Lin Yu Feng gently coughed and sighed for a long time. 

Slowly his hands loosened and fell to the side of the bed with a bit of desolation. Except for the sigh, there was no other sound.

Through the light of the slightly opened door slit, Lin Xing Qing could clearly see every move of her sick father. 

His whole body was exuding powerless breath. It was a Lin Yufeng that Lin Xing Qing had never seen before.

“Xing Qing, silly boy, what are you crying about, isn’t Dad getting well?”

At that time, Lin Yu Feng had just woken up after the operation, with an oxygen tube inserted between his nose. 

His face was very pale and thin, but he could still smile and talk to her like normal times.

Yes, no matter what time, her father was smiling, being omnipotent, and gentle like jade.

But now her father …

Does her father always live like this?

Just to reassure her, he hid all the suffering. Or was there something that she didn’t know?!

Lin Xing Qing bit her lip tightly, holding the doorknob strongly, perhaps she was so focused that she didn’t hear footsteps getting closer to her until a slightly suspicious voice sounded near her ear.

“Miss Lin, did you come to see your father? Mr. Lin is inside, why not go in and see him?”

“Oh, looking at the dark inside the room, I think Dad is sleeping.”

While speaking, Lin Xing Qing’s eyes lowered, hiding those rich emotions.

“Oh, Mr. Lin was like this from yesterday. He said that he wanted to rest in silence. Rest assured, we are checking Mr. Lin every day…” 

“Mr. Lin is very healthy and should not be discharged soon. “

Because it was a VIP patient, plus Lin Xing Qing and Lin Yu Feng were not difficult people to deal with, the attitude of the nurse was excellent.

“Well, I think so too.”

Lin Xing Qing naturally knew the nurse’s kindness, and quickly raised her head and tried to give her a soft smile.

While Lin Xing Qing was chatting with the nurse, Lin Yu Feng hurriedly pulled the curtains open, and the bright sunlight shone through the huge window.

After that Lin Yu Feng quickly sat on the bed. Because of the quick movement, there was a flush on his pale face.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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