WP: Chapter-6 (Part-2)


After changing clothes, opening the curtains, and looking at the bright sunlight outside the window, Lin Xing Qing bit her lip lightly.

Suddenly she had a bad hunch, and when she took out her phone and looked at the time, that kind of bad hunch instantly became true.

How could she sleep so late too after sharing a bed with Fang Xia?

And after Lin Xing Qing tidied up, and was just about to go downstairs, she saw post-it notes posted at the table—

“Lin Xing Qing,

The premise of taking care of people is to take care of yourself first, Li Sao will prepare the breakfast for you.

Fang Xia. “

The writing on the note was as sharp and lingering as Fang Xia, but the lines between the words clearly show a sense of concern.

Fang Xia.

Why would she want to marry her? Why did she care so much about her??

“Miss Lin, you have woken up. The breakfast is ready. May I ask if I need to bring it up now?”

“Oh, yes. Sorry for the trouble… Li Sao.”

“You’re welcome, this is my duty. I’ll tell them to bring it up now, Miss Lin, please eat it slowly.”


Lin Xing Qing swallowed the thank you that was about to overflow and looked at Li Sao, who seemed to be gentle and polite. 

After sitting at the dinner table, she quietly waited. 

However, seeing the breakfast Lin Xing Qing was struck. The breakfast had both Chinese and Western-style food, seven-eight dishes full of steam and aroma.

Lin Xing Qing looked at Li Sao, who was already standing against the wall and then again looked at the table full of dishes. 

After a little hesitation, she finally said nothing and ate quietly. The taste of the dishes was naturally very good. 

Lin Xing Qing originally thought that eating with Fang Xia was very awkward but in fact, eating alone in such a big room was more intense.

After eating and drinking, someone came to clean up the tableware and chopsticks, and Lin Xing Qing had to do nothing but sit in a daze.

Of course, even in a daze, Lin Xing Qing looked very beautiful. 

In the bright sunshine, with one hand supporting the chin, Lin Xing Qing gazed in one direction without focus, looking delicate and beautiful like a painting.

“Miss Lin, if you feel bored, you can go outside and walk.”

“Go outside?”

“Yes, there is a huge garden outside the house, looked after by professional gardeners. Miss Lin can go and see.”

The respectful attitude was affirmative.

“Can I go for a walk??” Lin Xing Qing asked again.

“Naturally, the lady had said that Miss Lin is half of the owner of this house.”

Lin Xing Qing turned her head slightly and suddenly chuckled. No matter what she felt a kind of flamboyant and cheerful feeling.

“Okay, thank you, Li Sao.”

After speaking, Lin Xing Qing briskly walked out.

The sun was shining outside and the flowers were blooming. 

As Li Sao said, a gardener in a white uniform was carefully watering the flower. 

For Lin Xing Qing, who had a preference for growing flowers and plants, that was naturally of great interest.

But after looking quietly for a while, Lin Xing Qing withdrew her gaze. She took out her phone and dialed a number that was already saved.


After two short beeps, a cold familiar female voice came, “Lin Xing Qing.”

“Fang Xia, I’ve finished my breakfast. Can I visit my father now?”

“Of course, Lin Xing Qing, you are my wife.” Almost immediately, a firm and unquestionable voice rang.

“Okay, I know. I will come back soon after meeting my father.”

In response to that, Fang Xia held the phone and after a few seconds of silence, she spoke with a hint of softness in her words.

“Well, I will ask the driver to take you.”

“No, I…”

“It’s okay.”

In the neat hang-up sound, an SMS sounded.

Lin Xing Qing opened the text,”Five minutes later, the driver will come.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

This was simply…not giving people a second choice at all.

Lin Xing Qing stared at the phone for a while and then walked back.


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