WP: Chapter-6 (Part-1)


Lin Xing Qing always thought that she would have a sleepless night, but in fact, as her nose got familiar with the aroma, and her ear heard the steady and rhythmic breathing sound, her tight nerves slowly relaxed. 

The drowsiness instantly swept through, and she had a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

As the sun rose, everything was quiet, and Fang Xia’s brow was slightly wrinkled, and then slowly loosened.

A warm skin with delicate temperature touched her, that clearly didn’t belong to her.

Fang Xia slowly calmed down and turned her head slightly. She saw that Lin Xing Qing, who was nervous yesterday night, was sleeping close to her at the moment.

Ling Xing Qing’s dark curly hair was randomly spread, and her thin eyebrows looked peaceful.

But Ling Xing Qing’s hand was subconsciously tightening on her clothes.

Those eyes, that nose, that lip…

Those fingers that tightened her clothes, all looked exquisite.


Unfamiliar with her rapid heartbeat, Fang Xia squeezed her heart hard before restraining her rising lips.

Because Lin Xing Qing was still asleep, those restraints could be slightly relaxed. Fang Xia’s unbridled gaze had bitter aggression and intense love in it.


Perhaps her gaze was so intense that the sleeping girl’s body paused slightly, accompanied by a soft subtle murmur. Her bright red lip was slightly raised, and her head gently rubbed against her.

Like a sleepy cat.

Fang Xia’s breathing was uncontrollably fast. She lowered her head slightly, and her lips were almost touching Ling Xing Qing’s lips, but she eventually stopped.

“Lin Xing Qing, good morning.” Fang Xia slowly pulled herself out from the blanket and called out.  

Because she has just gotten up, Fang Xia’s voice was slightly hoarse and somewhat restrained.

Fang Xia exhaled for a long time, and finally got up from the bed, while pulling the quilt flat, and not letting the sleeping girl reveal the slightest skin.

She stood up and dressed up in a sharp manner looking like a female elite.

However, this kind of female elite paused when she was about to walk out of the door, and swept a glance at the desk. She took a piece of note paper and wrote down a number sharply before leaving.

“Miss, good morning.”


“Miss, what do you need to eat in the morning? I told them to prepare the usual first.”

“Usual is good. By the way, Li Sao, she is still asleep. Don’t disturb her, let her sleep. Heat the breakfast in advance, when she naturally wakes up.”


After eating breakfast, Fang Xia walked to the door. 

Li Sao said, “Miss walk carefully.”

“Li Sao, it’s hard work.”

“No hard work, Miss. I should take care of you.”

At Nine o’clock.

The thick curtains were tightly drawn, and there was no light coming into the room which would make people mistakenly think that it was still a deep night.

Lin Xing Qing slowly opened her eyes and looked at the strange surroundings before her. 

Now she has completely woken up.

Fang Xia…

Contract Marriage…

Sleeping together in bed…

Yes, she wasn’t at her home, a place where she had lived with her father. Now, she was at Fang Xia’s home.

Fang Xia…

The name made Lin Xing Qing unable to stop thinking and she subconsciously explored the other side of the bed.

The place was empty and cold, and it was obvious that Fang Xia, who slept with her last night, had already gotten up early.

Fang Xia wasn’t here.

This fact made Lin Xing Qing subconsciously feel relieved, but the other party got up early, and she knew nothing about it, which proved that she had fallen asleep deeper than she had expected. 

Lin Xing Qing, who was just feeling relieved, didn’t know what to feel now.

But since she had woken up, she couldn’t lie down in bed anymore. She had to get up and freshen up.


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