WP: Chapter-5 (Part-2)


Even though the grey carpet was soft on her feet with every step she took, even though the room was vacant, the closer Lin Xing Qing went to the bed, the more nervous she felt.

The sound of falling water from the showerhead still faintly rang in her ears.

Lin Qing Xing stood quietly near the bed while looking at the door of the bathroom. 

Her hands were tightly clenched, Lin Qing Xing took a few deep breaths to control her anxiousness.

Lin Qing Xing’s hands trembled as she carefully pulled out a corner of the quilt and slowly got in the bed.

The room looked vacant with only a few traces of being lived in, but after lifting the quilt and lying flat beneath it, Lin Xing Qing could somehow smell a faint scent, some kind of fragrance.

This was…the scent of Fang Xia!

Lin Xing Qing shrunk and tightly closed her eyes in a vain effort to hide. 

After taking the bath, Fang Xia dressed in a pajama suit and went near the huge mirror to apply the skincare lotion.

The mirror revealed her usual cold gaze, Fang Xia looked at her reflection in the mirror for several seconds before slowly reaching out to her chest.

Thump, thump, thump…

Her heart was beating fiercely, throbbing only a single name — Lin Xing Qing.

Even just thinking of that name was enough to make her heartbeat more intense.

Why didn’t she come yet? Did she misunderstand her??

Was Fang Xia just going to let her sleep? What was going on?!

Did Fang Xia see her sleeping here, so she silently left?!

A soft bed and a quiet environment created a very comfortable setting for sleeping, but with the floral fragrance still lingering in her nose, Lin Xing Qing felt she couldn’t calm down.

At that moment, she wanted to open her eyes, jump out of the bed, and find a different place to sleep tonight. 


Lin Xing Qing’s wishful thinking was broken with the sound of a door closing. The sound of footsteps followed.

Lin Xing Qing didn’t have to open her eyes to know who the person was.

Hearing footsteps, Lin Xing Qing became more and more anxious.

Her eyes were more tightly closed, her body was stiff, and her hands were unconsciously gripping onto a corner of the quilt.

The quiet footsteps soon stopped.

But Fang Xia’s gaze was strong, even without the sound of footsteps, Lin Xing Qing knew that Fang Xia was looking at her with a strong, scorching look. 

Before she could resolve her thoughts, Fang Xia took back her scorching gaze. 

But before Lin Xing Qing could feel relaxed, the other side of the bed was pressed down slightly. 

The quilt was opened and the floral scent became more and more intense, almost engulfing her.

Sharing a bed, the moment had come.

No matter what Lin Xing Qing was thinking about before, at the moment she couldn’t only focus on controlling her breath and making her body look relaxed.

Lin Xing Qing had female friends and they shared a bed, they talked about interesting things, and they slept together for a night. 

But this was Fang Xia, who she signed a marriage contract with, her wife.

The contract clearly stated that the matrimonial duties should be carried out when necessary!

Even though Lin Xing Qing couldn’t understand how such duties would be put into practice considering that they were both women.

In the few minutes of her inattention, Fang Xia’s breath quickly steadied.

There was no excessive behavior. 

Even though they were sharing a quilt, they didn’t do anything. Fang Xia just laid there and fell asleep quietly.

Lin Xing Qing kept her eyes closed and her body slowly relaxed.

Late at night, when Lin Xing Qing was still sleepless, she turned her head carefully to look at the face which was lying close to her.

Lin Qing Xing was fascinated for a moment.

Fang Xia, what kind of person are you?!


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