WP: Chapter-5 (Part-1)



The faucet was turned on and after a few moments, the whole bathroom slowly heated up.

The bathroom was of the same style as the rest of the house, huge, comfortable, and delicate.

The white bathtub was spotless and looked comfortable. After hesitating for a moment, Lin Xing Qing didn’t use it. Instead, she chose to take a shower. Even though she had been under the shower, she still didn’t take her clothes off. 

Lin Xing Qing just stood under the showerhead and let the warm water spray and drench her whole body.

Sharing the same bed…

At the request of Party A, Party B should perform the obligations of a married couple.

Those words rang inside of Lin Xing Qing’s mind for a long time, until her heart fully began to panic.

Lin Xin Qing already had this kind of awareness. There was no such thing as good for no reason. Moreover, Fang Xia had paid about a million yuan.

Being aware of it, and waiting for that moment, finally, Lin Xing Qing felt flustered.


Taking a long breath, Lin Xing Qing walked to the mirror.

There was a huge spotless mirror in the bathroom, when Xing Qing wiped the water mist off the mirror, her face was revealed.

Her long, curly hair was wet and dripping on her face. Her lips had become extremely red because of warm water. Her clothes were adhering closely to her skin, only revealing her silhouette.

The woman in the mirror looked dazed, her face and body were mature. Her appearance looked sexy but in fact, she had never talked about love in her life.

Because of wanting to grow up urgently, and take care of her father, she had studied and worked hard. She didn’t have time or energy to think about those things.

And now…

She, who had never talked about love, was directly going to sleep with someone. Someone who was also a woman.

 Lin Xing Qing saw the confusion and uneasiness in her wet eyes.

 “Lin Xing Qing.”

Through the closed door of the bathroom, a cold voice could be heard.

“Fang Xia, I will be right out soon.”

In response to the cold voice, Lin Xing Qing erratically wiped off the water drops off of her face. She quickly suppressed the dazed and uneasy look in her eyes and went to take shower.


With the hot water, this time Lin Xing Qing carefully cleaned her body.

Xing Qing was undoubtedly afraid of the future, but this was the future she had chosen. 

Lin Xing Qing had come here, so no matter what she thought at the moment, she would still choose to continue and move forward.

There is no such thing as free lunch in the world, you have to always pay it back after eating. This was the unquestionable truth.

“Fang Xia, I’m done.”

“Mmm, wait for me.”

During their short conversation, Fang Xia’s figure disappeared from her sight and Lin Xing Qing heard the sound of water running.

Looking around the quiet room, Lin Xing Qing slowly relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

The situation was very much like telling yourself, you could stretch out your neck and cut it with the knife, there would be an early death and an early rebirth. But on the other hand, you would want to delay it for even one more moment.

Lin Xing Qing didn’t know what to call such a situation.

The bedroom was bigger than she expected. The floor was covered in carpet, she could feel the softness with her bare feet. The general theme of the room was light blue, with dark blue curtains and light-colored bed sheets and quilts.

The room was large and even with a bed and other furniture, it looked big. The room lacked the gentleness of a room associated with girls, but it still looked extremely comfortable.

Lin Xing Qing stood still for a moment. 

After staring at the dark blue bed, she bit her red lips and slowly walked towards the bed. 


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