WP: Chapter-4 Sharing Bed (Part-2)


“Fang Xia…”

Lin Xing Qing was a person who was good at speaking. Even though her father was capable, she wanted to share his burden early, so she learned to speak well. She tried to actively learn communication skills to support him.

In the meeting with Fang Xia, Xing Qing clearly felt that she should say something and tried to make the environment amicable. 

She even opened her mouth to call Fang Xia’s name, but she wasn’t able to continue and say the rest of her words. 

“It’s still early to sleep.”

As Fang Xia spoke, she moved towards the door. While she walked, Fang Xia’s posture looked straight and firm in the bright light.

Lin Xing Qing unconsciously rubbed her swollen belly, her eyes flickered, and with a soft voice said, “Okey.” 

Xing Qing got up from the chair and carefully put the chair aside then slowly followed Fang Xia.

Xing Qing had already guessed that Fang Xia’s economic conditions must be excellent. When she did not hesitate to pay her father’s medical bill and even arranged the best ward and nurse for his treatment.

Although she signed a marriage contract and meet her today, Lin Xing Qing had no idea about  Fang Xia’s identity.

However, looking at Fang Xia’s oversized house, Xing Qing felt she still underestimated Fang Xia’s net worth.

Fang Xia’s economic condition was not only excellent but extraordinary!

There were all kinds of flowers and trees planted which feel extremely comfortable. Xing Qing walked for half an hour but was still unable to finish it. 

In the night, the occasional song of the birds, the fragrance of the flower, and the slight coolness from the breeze were very comforting. 

Since they started walking, the two of them have remained in a state of zero communication. But as they go deeper, Xing Qing’s mood slowly relaxed.

This small flower should be very difficult to grow. It needed the right nutrition and moisture. Xing Qing wanted to meet the gardener and learned the trick.

This tree was so green, it should be said good at attracting insects, but there were no insects near it.

This plant…

Lin Xing Qing had a secret hobby, she liked plants very much. But, because of her father’s health, she had to suppress it.

Looking at those beautiful plants, she even forgot Fang Xia for a moment.

Fang Xia was quietly walking, but looking at Xing Qing’s flying curly black hair with the breeze and her stary eyes. Fang Xia’s heart was thumping.

Because Lin Xing Qing’s thoughts were on the plants, she unexpectedly bumped down into Fang Xia. 

Xing Qing’s slightly opened her eyes and her lips parted, she looked like frightened sheep.

The two were almost hugging each other. 

Fang Xia’s slightly moved her fingers and was finally able to touch Xing Qing’s long hair.

“Let’s, go to rest.”

Those words were very calm, and when Xing Qing heard it she even forgot Fang Xia’s finger on her head.

‘Rest’ means sleeping together.

She and Fang Xia were married, so it was natural for them to share the bed.


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1 year ago

Thanks for translating! Interesting plot. 🙂