WP: Chapter-4 Sharing Bed (Part-1)


“Are you full?”

Lin Xing Qing immediately put down the chopstick after hearing Fang Xia’s words. 

After forcefully swallowing the rice ball, Xing Qing looked at Fang Xia and bravely replied, “I am full.”

This would be the third time she had put down her chopstick and thankfully this was the last time. 

Every time she had tried to put down the chopstick, Fang Xia’s silent disagreement frightened her.

From eating with some reserve to being a seven-point full and now to eat to death, Lin Xing Qing had felt a series of sensations while eating with Fang Xia.

She couldn’t eat anymore, otherwise, her stomach was stretched to its full potential.

Lin Xing Qing’s diligent performance of eating was very eye-catching.

Fang Xia scanned Xing Qing’s plate and the food on the table.

After scanning everything, Fang Xia said, “Tidy up the table, Li Sao.”

Li Sao replied, “Yes, Madam.”

She was refreshed watching Fang Xia’s interaction with Lin Xing Qing.

Lin Xing Qing was still sitting with an over-eaten and uncomfortable stomach. 

She was relieved, she didn’t have to eat more. She had never eaten some much in her lifetime. 

Lin Xing Qing was bursting up by eating so much of the vegetables and rice balls.

She normally preferred to be on a diet, firstly because she was a young woman who wanted to stay slim and fit. 

And later, because of the accident of her father, she was not in a mood to eat. 

Nowadays, after taking just a few bites she became full. 

But, at this moment she was sitting with a well-rounded belly and complicated mood 

Li Sao retracted and called other servants to come and clean up the table. 

Li Sao and others left after cleaning the table. 

Only Lin Xing Qing and Fang Xia were left in the room, there was an immense silence around them.

Lin Xing Qing lowered her head and tried to tie her hair. 

During this some of the hairs loosened and framed her face, creating a delicate beauty.

She was looking very soft.

Lin Xing Qing was wearing a blue shirt with tight gray pants. 

When she slightly slumped back, the shirt sticks to her body, exposing a small while skin beautifully. 

Originally Fang Xia was looking at Lin Xing Qing normally but sometime later a very fascinating image of Xing Qing formed in her mind.

Fang Xia gulped on-air and slowly moved her eyes away from the alluring figure of Xing Qing.

The scene was looking like a deep understanding of two people who knew each other for a while creating a peaceful ambiance.


A very soft sound sounded in the quiet room.

Lin Xing Qing whose stomach was stretched to its limit, had some relief. This caused immense satisfaction for her.

Even though the sound was small but it was still loud enough to be heard across the room.


A sound of a chair being pulled came and when Lin Xing Qing looked up, she saw Fang Xia was standing up.

Fang Xia was dressed in a formal suit creating a deep inexplicable seriousness around her. 

Lin Xing Qing had a guilty conscience looking at the deep and serious Fang Xia.

Even though the earlier reaction of her was a bodily reaction, still Lin Xing Qing was nervous.

When Fang Xia walked near her while taking slow steps, Lin Xing Qing blinked. Her mind had become blank due to nervousness.

This was the closest she had been with Fang Xia. The fragrance of Fang Xia slowly wafted over to her nose, cold and noble just like Fang Xia.

The fragrance was powerful and majestic like her existence.


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