WP: Chapter-3 Overbearing (Part-1)


Fang Xia slightly raised her eyes and looked at Lin Xing Qing while putting down the book. 

They had only contacted each other through a phone call but at this moment Fang Xia gave her a feeling like she had known her for ages.

“I am Fang Xia, we are married now. This will be your home from now on. It’s getting late, we should first eat something.”

Before Lin Xing Qing could refuse, Fang Xia gave the command to the maid to serve the food and sat at the dinner table. 

Like their phone conversation, Fang Xia’s domineering attitude was very evident.

“Miss, the dinner is ready, please come and take your seat.”

The maid politely retreated to the kitchen, and only Fang Xia and Lin Xing Qing were present in the whole room.

The table was arranged for two people but there were more than a dozen dishes present. The dishes were full of vibrant color and aroma.

But, Lin Xing Qing was not feeling hungry at all.

After peeking at Fang Xia, she quickly looked down and sat upright on the chair. 

“If you don’t like anything, you could tell the chef. In the future, you could tell Li Sao about your taste and she will adjust food accordingly.”

Fang Xia continued, “Don’t be restricted, eat well.”

This was the longest speech she had heard from Fang Xia. Even though those words were full of care but they were still carrying an innate coldness in them.

Lin Xing Qing could feel the coercion of Fang Xia’s eyes, even with her head down. 

Feeling the full attention of Fang Xia’s was on her, Ling Xing Qing could only respond in an affirmation. 

“I will.”

Lin Xing Qing whispered and with some hesitation slowly picked up the chopstick and started eating it.

In Lin Xing Qing’s house, the dining table was small and they could only place three dishes and one soup.

The rice cooker would be placed on the table and her father would personally serve them. 

But here, some chefs could cook, maids to put the tableware and to serve the food.

The dishes served were tasty, even the rice was soft and full of fragrance. The shape of rice and its taste was unique. And the person sitting opposite to her was also very elegant.

Fang Xia was sitting very appropriately and eating her food in a very elegant way, making the most common habit of eating a graceful act.

Lin Xing Qing knew she shouldn’t stare at Fang Xia while she was eating, but still, she couldn’t help but look at her.

Fang Xia’s appearance was not much outstanding. She had straight eyebrows’ with no bangs on her forehead, her face was round with pale lips. 

In terms of looks, Lin Xing Qing was more good-looking than Fang Xia. But compared to the charming appearance of Xing Qing, Fang Xia’s beauty had a natural noble aura.

After eating, Fang Xia took a paper towel and wiped her mouth with it, and put away the tableware without any sound. 

But, Lin Xing Qing was still playing with her food, she had barely eaten anything. Her plate was still piled up with the food.

Fang Xia was staring at Lin Xing Qing intently, her eyes swept across the full bowl of rice, and her eyebrows frowned. 

Even though it was a subtle movement, it was more than enough to frighten Lin Xing Qing.

“Is the food not appetizing.”

Although it was asked as a question, Fang Xia said the sentence like a definite affirmative sentence.


Before Xing Qing could complete her sentence, Fang Xia turned her head and called the maid.

“Li Sao, remove these dishes and ask the chef to make the dishes again.”


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