WP: Chapter-3 Overbearing (Part-2)


Li Sao was a middle-aged woman with a gentle face. 

Even after listening to Fang Xia’s words, she didn’t give much of a response. 

Li Sao bent down respectfully and then started following the order. She went to pick the dishes from the table.

Fang Xia and Li Sao’s attitude was too peaceful like it was a daily occurrence, nothing to react upon.

After watching their attitude, Lin Xing Qing wasn’t able to sit quietly.

Lin Xing Qing couldn’t wait and watch the whole table of food removed. She instinctively called out, “Li Sao, please don’t throw them.”

Lin Xing Qing hurriedly stood up from the chair and stopped Li Sao.

But, after speaking those words Xing Qing became stiff. 

As a result, Li Sao stopped removing the dishes and Fang Xia looked at her calmly.

Before entering the doors, Lin Xing Qing had decided not to interfere in Fang Xia’s life or to go against Fang Xia’s words.

They had already signed a marriage contract. They were husband and wife in name now. Since Fang Xia was so overbearing she had vowed to not fight with her. 

The life of that vow was very short, in less than an hour, her vow got broken.

She had directly gone against Fang Xia’s decision. And didn’t give her any face. 

After standing up, Lin Xing Qing didn’t know what to do now, should she sit or not?

As a result, she was standing stiff in her place. 

“Miss.” Li Sao called and gazed at Fang Xia.

Even Xing Qing wanted to retract her words, but she had already said it. 

Coping with some shame and hesitation, Lin Xing Qing lowly sat down on her chair and stared directly at her plate.

She slowly picked up the chopsticks again and took a bite of the rice ball. She also picked some vegetables with the chopstick and ate them.

Even though the rice ball was tasty and the vegetables were savory, she couldn’t find any taste in her mouth. 

The food was like wax in her mouth. But, Xing Qing persisted and tried to eat it gracefully.

Lin Xing Qing looked up and said, “The rice ball is very tasty. The vegetables are also good. I like the food very much.”

So there was no need to throw it away.

But, Lin Xing Qing wasn’t able to say the last sentence.

But both Fang Xia and Li Sao understood ger point. 

Li Sao was still standing near the dinner table maintaining her posture. She looked at the diner table with a meaningful smile.

Fang Xia stared at Lin Xing Qing deeply. Lin Xing Qing tried very hard to look straight at Fang Xia without avoiding her gaze.

While looking at Xing Qing, Fang Xia said, “Li Sao, leave the food on the table. Since Lin Xing Qing liked the food, wait till the diner is finished.”

Li Sao looked at Fang Xia and said, “Okey, Miss.”

After that Li Sao again retreated and the room once again became quiet.

Lin Xing Qing became stunned after listening to Fang Xia’s words. 

According to her understanding of Fang Xia, she never thought of her as some to retract her words or to agree with other’s words.

She had always considered Fang Xia as a cold overbearing bossy type. 

“You should eat more to increase your appetite.” Fang Xia said.

Lin Xing Qing subconsciously replied, “Okey.”

Fang Xia also started eating quietly like showing her a picture of how to eat and increase appetite.

But, while looking at stern face Fang Xia, Xing Qing had no appetite.

The meal was one of the most difficult meals of her life.



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2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter. I like both.

2 years ago

Not so overbearing, she had the food removed bc her wife wasn’t enjoying the meal, then walked it back and let her wife eat the food unhappily. Seems like she just doesn’t understand Lin Xing Qing well enough yet to know how to please her.