WDWPK: Chapter-3 Real Incense Scene (Part-3)



Song Yu’s claws were a little bit tempting, and wanted to grab Fu Yu Qian’s face to let him know that he shouldn’t offend him!

“Yi Yi, come, you need to lose weight.” Fu Yu Qian’s slender hand took a funny cat stick and began to wander in front of Song Yu.


However, Song Yu found that his eyes turned unconsciously with the funny cat stick, and the body seemed to be loose.

Oops, he felt good.

Song Yu burst into tears in his heart, ‘Just to lose weight, I humbly play with you as a slave!’


Song Yu rushed up like a fierce tiger, but Fu Yu Qian’s response was even faster than him, and he took the lead and raised it.

The anger in Song Yu’s eyes turned to war, staring closely at the small feather ball with bells, predicting Fu Yu Qian’s position, and jumping at the moment the ball came over, he jumped again—still emptied!



Song Yu had become fully mobilized to either win or lose. He must prove that being a man was smarter and better than Fu Yu Qian, and being a cat, he was also a hundred times more sensitive than Fu Yu Qian.

Fu Yu Qian saw his cat’s appearance and felt that Yi Yi looked much cuter than before.

The look looked very much like a person.

In a stunning moment, Song Yu successfully rushed to the ball and hooked it with his claws. 

He was very angry.

“Meow! Meow!” Admit defeat, bastard!

Fu Yu Qian’s lips twitched, and a gentle smile spread out, leaving Song Yu dumbfounded.

After the reaction, Song Yu felt fortunate that a cat’s expression could not be distinguished.

But the smile was short-lived, the phone rang, and Fu Yu Qian glanced at the screen and immediately turned it on.


“I can only help you once for this kind of thing, after all, it is a violation of the regulations.” Ying Qi said.

“I have contacted a person. At ten o’clock tonight, you need to pretend to be a doctor and follow him to the round. In addition, Song Yu’s brokerage company is not a good thing. When they heard that craniotomy may be necessary. They hesitated and repeatedly asked if he could be treated conservatively, saying that the external appearance of the artist is very important.”

There was a trace of cruelty in Fu Yu Qian’s eyes, but his voice was still the same as usual.

“Thank you.”

“That’s it, I’ll give you that contact’s WeChat phone number. You must control your emotions, don’t show your face, you know!”

“It is good.”

Hanging up the phone, Song Yu was so happy that he almost didn’t jump up. That’s great. Fu Yu Qian was also very tolerant.

As for his brokerage company, it is not surprising that such a thing can be done.

He was already going to cancel the contract. It was just that the information they held in their hands must be found and destroyed.

The waiting time was extremely long, finally when it was time to leave, and Fu Yu Qian was ready to go out, Song Yu hurriedly ran over, meowing very meekly.

‘Handsome guy, do you think you are missing a cat-shaped pendant?’

“Yi Yi, you stay at home, I will come back soon after I go out.” Fu Yu Qian told him patiently.

“Meow! Meow!” Take me with you. 

Song Yu stretched out the tempting little paws and hooked Fu Yu Qian’s trousers.

Fu Yu Qian shook it away cruelly and still went out alone. Song Yu was anxious and called out clearly, “Mom.”

Fu Yu Qian paused.

Translator Note: This is the last chapter. Sorry, I am going to stop translating this book due to some personal reasons. If anyone wants to pick this book, you can. There is no need to ask.



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