WDWPK: Chapter-3 Real Incense Scene (Part-2)


Fu Yu Qian called Liu Le.

After picking up the call, Liu Le said, “Brother Qian, I have already asked someone from the company to inquire about Song Yu.” 

She hurriedly added, “Song Yu was not in a critical situation but he is still unconscious. He was injured because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt so when the car rolled over, his head was hit by the roof. It caused intracranial blood-stasis.”

After becoming a cat, Song Yu’s ears became extremely good. He could hear the voice over the phone very clearly. 

Song Yu was carefully listening to the phone call without making any noise, but hearing the word intracranial blood-stasis, he became anxious. 

The blood in his skull clotted, would it require surgery? Was it going to leave an ugly scar on his head?   

He became extremely restless, no he couldn’t let those people perform surgery without his supervision. 

He needs to see his body. He needs to quickly go back to the hospital.

Song Yu started meowing. 

The cat anxiously started talking to Fu Yu Qian and said, “Fu Yu Qian, if you took me to the hospital, I will definitely quit my rivalry with you as long as you don’t grab resource3s orc fans with me.”

Fu Yu Qian seemed to understand Song Yu’s heartfelt words. 

Fu Yu Qian said to Liu Le, “Can you arrange for me to visit him tonight? I will visit him tonight.”

“Brother Qian, I know you want to see Song Yu quickly, but right now the whole hospital is surrounded by Song Yu’s fans and news reporters, no one can go inside undetected.”

Liu Le hurriedly dissuaded Fu Yu Qian and said, “If you went there, you would be photographed..”

“I know.” Fu Yu Qian said and hung up the phone.

Why did you give up so easily? Song Yu was dissatisfied.

When Fu Yu Qian lowered his head, he saw the anxious look on his cat’s face. He froze, Yi Yi also seemed to like Song Yu. 

After all, the cat had grown up watching Song Yu’s photos so while watching Song Yu on TV, it would meow a few times. 

Did the cat notice something from his conversation with Liu Le?

Fu Yu Qian flipped through the contact list and made a call.

“Ying Qi, can you do me a favor. Can you find someone in First People’s Hospital to help me? A friend of mine is hospitalized, and I want to visit him. But, I can’t visit him directly, so I need some help.”

From the other side, the man named Ying Qi immediately replied, “It’s Song Yu, isn’t it? I know you can’t wait to visit him. I will look into it, you wait for it.”

Fu Yu Qian’s tone eased, and he said, “Thanks, let’s meet someday.”

“No problem, definitely.”

Song Yu was feeling more and more confused, how could everyone around Fu Yu Qian know him? 

Was he transmigrated into a parallel world? Maybe in this world, he and Fu Yu Qian are good friends? Otherwise, how was this all possible?

Song Yu imagined himself being friendly with Fu Yu Qian, and he instantly shivered.

Fu Yu Qian had already found a way to go to the First Hospital. All he needed to do was tag along and look at his body, even if this was a parallel world.

After hanging up the call, Fu Yu Qian got up and went inside the study. 

Song Yu hurried him with his cat paws.

Fu Yu Qian saw the cat was following him so he asked,  “Do you want me to play with you?”

Song Yu meowed and said, “Don’t try to behave affectionately with me.” 

But again all Fu Yu Qian could hear was a meow. But, he still said, “Then let’s play together for a while.” 

Anyway, he wasn’t going to read any script for a while. Fu Yu Qian went up to the second floor and came down with a funny-looking cat stick.

Song Yu instantly got angry!

It was okay to feed him cat food, after all, it was delicious, but you shouldn’t bring out a cat stick to play with him.

He really wanted to kill Fu Yu Qian.



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