WDWPK: Chapter-3 Real Incense Scene (Part-1)


After turning the surveillance video off, Fu Yu Qian once again opened the news of Song Yu’s accident. 

After viewing the picture of brutal accident photos, Yu Qian’s pupils shrunk and his lips pressed in a thin line. He was barely able to restrain himself from rushing to the hospital to see Song Yu.

Being a cat is so boring!

Song Yu was lying on his back and staring at the intricate chandelier on the ceiling while getting bored.

He could not play games on a mobile phone or watch TV. Being a cat was too boring.

Song Yu wept with joy when he saw Fu Yu Qian coming out of the study room. For the first time, Song Yu didn’t find his enemy so abominable.

Fu Yu Qian leaned over and picked the cat while lightly squeezing its belly. 

With eyes full of deep tenderness, he asked “Are you feeling hungry?”

“Meow…Meow.” The cat was indeed feeling hungry. 

Fu Yu Qian was used to talking to Yi Yi. After asking the cat, he took the cat to the kitchen and opened the cabinet full of imported cat food while asking, “What do you want to snack on?”

Song Yu became horrified.

Did Fu Yu Qian want him to eat cat food? No. Absolutely no, he would never eat it.

To show his refusal, Song Yu turned his face and shrunk into Fu Yu Qian’s arms. 

“What’s wrong with you?” Fu Yu Qian rubbed the cat’s head and asked tenderly. 

“You used to look forward to mealtime, what’s wrong? Don’t make trouble and eat your food.”

Song Yu became stiff. 

Even though Fu Yu Qian was smart, but he didn’t have the IQ to realize that right now his cat was not a cat at all.

Song Yu was frightened with anger and grief just like a death-row prisoner waiting for death. After a while with trembling paws, he hesitatingly chose beef-flavored dried meat.

Fu Yu Qian took out the beef-flavored dried meat and poured it into a bowl, but the amount was relatively very small.

Fu Yu Qian looked at the act and explained, “The doctor told me to moderate your diet, so you need to take small meals. First, eat this and after an hour have some snacks.”


With some reluctance, Song Yu thanked Fu Yu Qian and slowly walked up to the cat bowl.

He had become such a miserable person, even knowing this was cat food he still had to eat it.

After recovering his body, he will repay this favor to Fu Yu Qian and feed him a full bowl of cat food.

With the idea of revenge, Song Yu started eating his food, but slowly he found that the food was very delicious.

The food was fragrant without being greasy and the taste was delicious. Maybe he was affected by the taste buds of the cat, but right now the taste of that food was to his liking.

He started taking large bites of food while savoring the taste. 

Even though the food was in a small amount still he was more than half full.

Song Yu thought he was really in the need to lose weight, at least enough to pass through the fence workout being stuck.

Since the time he debuted in the industry, he had conditioned himself to eat less and maintain his perfect figure. 

Song Yu had always been very attentive towards his weight and body. 

So after taking a few bites, Song Yu pushed away from the bowl with his claws. 

Fu Yu Qian silently watched Song Yu’s action of pushing away the bowl and he didn’t find anything odd and started eating his food.

Even though cats were smart animals they still were the laziest ones. Song Yu didn’t seem to care much about details.

Fu Yu Qian always kept recalling the turned-on computer system. So he still was somewhat alert.



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2 years ago

At least the food is good 😭 Thanks for the chapter!