WDWPK: Chapter-2 To Be Stripped (Part-2)


Fu Yu Qian pinched the cat’s claws and played with it for a while. Song Yu could only retaliate against it by biting Yu Qian’s hands with his mouth.

Song Yu was thinking about how to escape from here?

Song Yu still had to look at his body, but Fu Yu Qian was holding him tightly in his arms and didn’t give him a chance to run.

Song Yu knew he couldn’t outrun Fu Yu Qian. Right now, Song Yu was a fat cat and Fu Yu Qian was a marathon runner.

Once Fu Yu Qian had taken third place in a marathon, it was one of the hotly searched topics on the internet.

Even though Song Yu had muscles, he was no match for Fu Yu Qian’s endurance.

“Brother Qian, if we don’t do anything about Song Yu’s fans scolding you then your fans will be sad.” Lele tried to persuade Fu Yu Qian.

Fu Yu Qian lowered his eyes while covering his emotions with his thick eyelashes. Lele wasn’t able to see it but Song Yu had seen it.

Fu Yu Qian’s eyes were sad.

Fu Yu Qian’s facial features were very beautiful as an angel. His eyes were brown with thick and long eyelashes covering it.

His eyes were sad, was it for him?

“He would have worried about the emotions of his fans if he was conscious. He could have even found a place for his fans to vent their emotions.” Fu Yu Qian continued in a heavy voice, “There is no need to do anything else, just receive more projects as of now.”

Song Yu froze after hearing it and stared at Fu Yu Qian like he never knew him.

Fu Yu Qian was letting his fans vent their emotions on him. He couldn’t believe it.

Lele wasn’t surprised by this and directly responded in affirmation. 

Song Yu became anxious. What had happened to Fu Yu Qian?

Weren’t they rivals? Then why care about each other.

His turn for the check-up soon, the doctor took an x-ray of his waist and examined it. 

The doctor smiled and said, “Mr. Fu, the cat is fine, but it is slightly overweight. Orange cats get fat easily, but being overweight could affect his lifespan.”

“Okay, I will look after it. Thank you.” Fu Yu Qian thanked the doctor while holding Song Yu.

After coming home, Fu Yu Qian put the cat on the ground, to let it play. 

Song Yu looked up a little dully at Fu Yu Qian, he was feeling hungry. 

Fu Yu Qian patted the cat’s head and said, “I am going to the study room, you can play by yourself first.”

The door of the study-room was closed behind him, Song Yu tried to scratch the door to show his dissatisfaction.

Song Yu was anxious to know about his body and was trying to think about a way to go to the First Hospital.

If that car didn’t run in the red light. If Lao Lu hadn’t paid attention to their conversation. This accident could not happen.

Before Song Yu could even respond, the accident happened.

The contradiction with the company’s arrangements and Zhao Hua was increasing day after day. He could utilize this time to calmly think about it.

Song Yu sat down and thought It was better to take some time and think about it. He could even use this opportunity to collect some bad things about Fu Yu Qian, which he could use against him later. 

Right now, he was given a chance to infiltrate his enemy’s house. He shouldn’t waste this unique opportunity and use this against Fu Yu Qian.

After recovering his body, he could even finish Fu Yu Qian in one go.

This master would find out all the secrets hidden by Fu Yu Qian, in his house. 

What secrets are hidden in his drawers, the master will find out for you one by one!

Song Yu, who is rubbing his fists and preparing to do important things, doesn’t know that Fu Yuqian is a little puzzled.

Song Yu, who was preparing to search for Fu Yu Qian’s dark secrets, but he didn’t know that Yu Qian was currently sitting in the study room baffled. 

Fu Yu Qian had installed a surveillance camera for keeping watch on Yi Yi’s action and to understand it. 

He saw, after waking up Yi looked blank for a moment, but a while later it had jumped down the climbing frame. 

After that Yi’s actions became somewhat magical. The cat unsteadily walked and rolled down the stairs, then it opened the study room’s door.

After coming into the study, the cat tried to open the computer and touch the tablet. 

Fu Yu Qian had found Yi’s hair on the tablet. After a while, the cat cried and tried to jump many times to reach the handle of the doors and went to the back yard.

After arriving in the backyard, the cat looked at the closed door and then went to the fence.

Yi Yi had always been quiet and mostly stayed in the cat house, so why was it behaving so strangely?

Fu Yu Qian stared deeply at the footage. 



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