WDWPK: Chapter-2 To Be Stripped (Part-1)


Song Yu almost cried because of his embarrassment. 

Why did he have to embarrass himself every time before his rival?

Fu Yu Qian was wearing a high-end t-shirt and trousers which emphasized his long legs. He was looking anxious and quite sad.

Song Yu almost puked watching his sadness, this master was only stuck in the fence, but not dead yet. 

For whom did he fake this sadness?

Two young men came as firefighters to help the cat, but when they saw the cat’s shape they were quite amused.

The first man carefully studied Song Yu’s situation and then turned to Fu Yu Qian and said, “Mr. Fu, your cat seems to be stuck at the broadest part of its body, near the waist area. We can’t pull the cat by force. We could only cut off the fence to save the cat, would it be okay with you?

“Of Course. It’s okay.”

Fu Yu Qian slightly kneeled to touch Song Yu’s head, and gently soothed the cat, and said, “Don’t be afraid. These firefighter brothers will rescue you soon. Okay.”

Fu Yu Qian even reached out to cover Song Yu’s ear with both of his hands while being very careful to not hurt him.

Song Yu’s ears felt itchy after being touched by Fu Yu Qian. He hadn’t felt touched by listening to Fu Yu Quan’s appeasing words.

Instead, those words made him more angry and reflexively bite on Fu Yu Qian’s hand. 

This master will bite you to death!!!

Fu Yu Qian didn’t remove his hands and let the cat bite him, and said, “Yu Yi, you will be fine soon!”

Watching Fu Yu Qian behaving so soft and gentle to his cat, the two young ladies were mesmerized. They were taking pictures and videos of Fu Yu Qian interacting with his cat-like a madman.

Even though Fu Yu Qian’s hand was in Song Yu’s mouth, he didn’t bite him severely. He knew his current situation had nothing to do with Fu Yu Qian.

The two firefighters were skilled and knew how to save pets from those situations. While avoiding the cat, they carefully made a gap in the fence by cutting it.

After creating a gap, they successfully carried the cat out. 

Song Yu had finally escaped the fence!

“Meow-” Song Yu expressed his thanks and leaned on the firefighter’s hand. 

After that, he smoothly jumped from the firefighter’s embrace and landed on the ground.

The young firefighter got stunned and immediately apologized to Fu Yu Qian, and said, “Sorry, I wasn’t able to hold it.”

Fu Yu Qian squatted down and picked the cat and stroked it. 

Then he looked at the firefighter and said, “It’s alright. Yu Yi is being naughty. Thank you for coming to save the cat. I have made you troubled. In a few days, I will send a batch of fire-fighting tools in Yi’s name. Please accept it as a form of thank you gift.”

The firefighter hurriedly replied, “You are most welcome. Mr. Fu, it is our duty to safeguard everyone’s safety. The cat has been stuck in the fence for a while, you should take it for inspection.”

Fu Yu Qian said, “Thank you again.” 

After the two firefighters left, Fu Yu Qian drove the cat to the nearest veterinary hospital.

Fu Yu Qian assistant Le Le was checking out Weibo inside the car, and saw the post ‘Fu Yu Qian’s orange cat stuck in the fence’ had taken a second position on a hot search, just below ‘Song Yu’s in the hospital because of a car accident.’

Le Le became anxious and said, “Brother Qian, your cat had stuck in the fence is on number two on the hot search. Right below the post of Song Yu’s accident and hospitalization news.”

She worriedly added, “I have already contacted the company to remove that post from the hot search. Otherwise, it would create unnecessary problems for you.”

Fu Yu Qian hummed in response. 

But, they stepped too late to solve this problem, because Song Yu’s fans had already noticed it.

The Song Yu’s fans always had issues with Fu Yu Qian, but when they saw Fu Yu Qian’s cat post on hot search, they were outraged.

Using a cat to become famous at this time, Fu Yu Qian, you are not a human.

Seeing that post, Song Yu’s fans found a vent to release their resentment, so they started crazily commenting on Weibo under Fu Yu Qian’s account.

[You are interesting to buy hot search at this time, nauseating.]

[Don’t your cat know it can’t go through the fence? Guess, this is all for publicity.]

When Fu Yu Qian’s fans noticed the situation, they also started the counterattack. 

Fans from both sides fought vigorously from Weibo to all other social platforms. This topic created an uproar all over social media.

“Brother Qian, the company is dealing with the situation, but it’s very hard to control Song Yu’s fans. Brother Yin had said that he would immediately be back.” 

Le Le still anxiously asked, “What should we do, Brother Qian?”

While waiting in the queue for the inspection Song Yu turned lazily and looked at Fu Yu Qian and said, “Meow-” 

Fu Yu Qian, you deserve this.

“Don’t push them. Let them scold me.” Fu Yu Qian saw the cat rolling over and hurriedly reached to press the soft stomach of the cat.

He liked the soft feel, so he squeezed it. 

Song Yu hurriedly raised his hand and pushed Fu Yu Qian’s hand from his stomach.

Don’t try to touch and eat this master’s tofu. 



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