WDWPK: Chapter-1 Orange Cat Stuck In The Fence (Part-2)


The owner of the house was undoubtedly very rich, there were anti-theft bars on the doors and windows.

When he wasn’t able to open the windows, he decided to walk through the door directly.

He tried to jump with his fleshy little body and after a dozen 0f jumps, he was barely able to reach the doorknob. 

With a strong push, he was finally was able to open the living room door and came out into the back yard.

There were many beautiful roses in the greenhouse in the yard, even though it was late winter.

Song Yu liked the roses the most and he stopped to take a look at it. There were a wide variety of roses planted, and very well looking very artistic. The owner must have a very beautiful taste.

But what is most important right now was to find his body, and to know how he became a cat.

The gate in the yard was locked from outside. 

Song Yu was worried, but when he turned he saw the fence in the yard. If he tried then he could leave the house by the fence.

Song Yu went to the fence and tried to jump onto the wall of the fence. He grabbed the fence with his claws and tried to pass through it.

His head passed quite quickly. The two front paws also passed the fence easily, but his stomach…his stomach got stuck!

Song Yu hurriedly tried to inhale and to tighten his stomach.

He slowly tried to crawl out with the help of his little paws, there was only a few centimeters difference between him and his freedom!

Song Yu got tired from all the climbing but after having a closer look at his freedom, he breathed a sigh of relief and continued to climb out.

As a result, he felt his stomach relaxed and he was stuck.


Song Yu bellowed, but then thinking about his earlier method, he again tried to crawl.

But soon he found that he couldn’t climb out, or retreated back!

Didn’t people say that cats are agile like a liquid? Then why was he only struck like a solid block!

Song Yu paid a very heavy price for underestimating his cat figure.


In the luxurious villa area road, a cat’s agonized cry for help reverberated from time and again.

Song Yu persisted howling finally brought, two young ladies. Song Yu quickly raised his paws and cried at them for help softly.

“Orange cat! How did you get stuck here!” The young lady ran over and immediately stretched out to help the cat.

She tried to pull him, but Song Yu got stuck at the waist which made it difficult to pull him out. Song Yu tried to endured the pain of all pushing and pulling without any success.

The other long-haired lady said, “This will not work and only hurt the cat more. Where is the owner, and how could they let the cat run freely around the yard?”

“We should first call the fire department and then check the owner’s information.” The first lady said.

Those two immediately called, and soon found the owner of this property. 

The owner of this house was called Fu Yu Qian.

“Fu Yu Qian?!” The first lady was shocked and asked the other, “I and Fu Yu Qian share the same community?!”

Song Yu was disheartened. He had became his greatest rival Fu Yu Qian’s cat!

Why was his life was so miserable?

He and Fu Yu Qian were the two best artists in the entertainment circle. Like how one king didn’t like other the king, and when they met there was only endless trouble and bloodbath between them, it was the same between them.

They made a debut at the same time, and they took the same route in the circle, so they have to compete for the same national award. 

That year, he and Fu Yu Qian both got the award. They went to the stage at the same time, to accept the award together.

Before going to the ceremony, he had secretly inquired about Fu YuQian’s height which was a good 1.85 meter. In order to look taller, he secretly wore a heel heightening pad to look taller from his original 1.83 meters.

Song Yu was nervous when he came to the stage to attend the reward, and he didn’t pay attention to his shoelaces. 

When the two walked side by side, Fu Yu Qian accidentally stepped on his shoelaces. Song Yu was caught off guard and fell in Fu Yu Qian’s arms. 

During this, his shoes also slipped out, and the heightened insole of his shoes bounced and become exposed in front of everyone.

Fu Yu Qian pretended to be surprised and helped him to stand firmly. He even smiled at him gently and helped him to pick up the heel heightening insole for him. 

Song Yu was embarrassed and was about to scream in anger!

Fu Yu Qian must have stepped on his shoelaces deliberately!

He thought that his career would be ruined after this, but he didn’t expect it to be an instant success.

In addition to this incident, Fu Yu Qian had more endorsements than him and he even had more fan-girls than him. Differences between the two gradually evolved into this day’s unshakable enmity.

Therefore, even if his head could become broken, his hairstyle became messy, but it was absolutely impossible for him to be Fu Yu Qian’s cat!

He had to leave this place quickly!

He tried to crawl out again while meowing angrily at his fate.

However, the two young ladies quickly stopped him and repeatedly tried to calm him down, “Orange cat, brother stop, the firefighters are coming to save you”

Fu Yu Qian also said that he was on the way back.

While waiting for the help, the young lady comforted him while filming a video to broadcast, which quickly attracted the attention of the others.

There were many comments, and fans quickly recognized the orange cat of Fu Yu Qian’s house.

Suddenly, the long-haired sister panicked and said, “Man Ling quickly look at this, Song Yu had a car accident! It was because of the driver who ignored the red light. Now it on the number one position of the hot search list.”

“How could this be possible!”

Song Yu also struggled hard to meow and wanted to ask which hospital he was admitted to.

“Song Yu and his team are taken to the First Hospital.” Man Ling eyes redden and she sadly said, “I am his fangirl, I only want him to live well.”


You shouldn’t cry, I am alright. It’s just that now I have become a cat, Song Yu anxiously cried.

There was the sound of a car came.

The firefighters and Fu Yu Qian came at the same time.

Fu Yu Qian had a model-like figure with a golden height of 1.85 meters. He had an aura when he walked. His facial features were quite deep. It was rumoured that he has a quarter of Russian gene. He came from a very strong family. His speech and behaviour was as elegant and charming as a noble son.

In Song Yu’s eyes, it was unavoidable to think of that cedar-flavored embrace and that bad smile.




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