WDWPK: Chapter-1 Orange Cat Stuck In The Fence (Part-1)


Beijing International Airport.

The spacious four-lane road was endless, and a luxury car was driving very fast on it. The view was very good, but the atmosphere inside the car was anything but good. Even Zhao Hua’s elegant makeup couldn’t conceal the anger on her face.

“Song Yu, you even dare to neglect the company’s arrangements now that you think you have become popular.”

Song Yu narrowed his peachy eyes, and he mildly tried to answer her.

“I have always listened to the company’s arrangements. I have never even asked for a day off in these past three years. I have already told them a long time ago, I entered this entertainment circle for singing and acting, but in these past three years, other than playing the handsome lead twice and few roles as presidents, did I ever get a chance to play any role which had some deepness in it?”

“Because of this, you will oppose the company and took a show in a private? Stay in a remote mountain without giving a shit about anything for the next six months, is this your plan?” 

Zhao Hua’s voice became more agitated, “I am asking you to immediately terminate the contract, I will never agree to this!”

“I am willing to rescind the contract, but you have to leave that cosmetics advertisement, you want me to endorse. Did they make that lipstick colour for a black Barbie? None of my fans is going to look good after applying that piece of charcoal on their lips. And that liquid foundation, you think I don’t know people are complaining after using it, their dry skin has become oily and the oily skin has become an oilfield.  Do you want my fan’s face to look like that?”

“Puff.” The assistant who was sitting on the passenger seat couldn’t hold back his laugh, but he quickly tried to cover his mouth.

Lao Lu who was driving also pursed his lips and eavesdropped with great enthusiasm.

Zhao Hua’s face became a little embarrassed, “You are a man, so you do not know much about these cosmetics products. They are all first-class products, their price is very high, and there wouldn’t be any trouble for you afterward.”

“No. I won’t deceive my fans, and you don’t have to push me. I don’t want to do this advertisement. I am going to enter the mountain village for the film this month.”

“Song Yu, did you really forgot the company’s effort to smooth out things for you, especially on your family matter. Don’t think that just because you are famous now, the company can’t control you anymore.” Zhao Hua said that, and Song Yu couldn’t help but lower his head after hearing those words.

“Miss Zhao, please don’t go too far.” 

Remembering about his family, Song Yu’s heart instantly felt like being pierced by a sharp pin, and his voices became a little low, “It’s an important contract, I…”

His words had yet to be finished, when the scream of his assistant suddenly came, “Master Lu, quickly stop the car!”

Song Yu turned his head in a panic when he saw a car speeding from the opposite lane coming towards them. 

There was only a sound of harsh brakes, and the loud crash was heard. Song Yu felt a jolt of pain in his head and became unconscious.

Song Yu felt his head had become groggy when he opened his eyes as if he was awake after a long uninterrupted sleep. 

But when he saw the design of the room, his eyes widened in the shock. Why was this room looking like a cat-house and why was he inside it?

The cat house was big and was neatly furnished with all types of cat toys, litters, and bowls. The whole house was made in castle style with cat climbing steps.

He slowly lowered his head and found that presently he was lying on his stomach. And his light orange-textured small arms were in front of him.

It took Song Yu, quite a lot of time to accept the fact that he had somehow become a cat.

He first tried to speak, but what he could utter was only a very soft meow. He jumped down from the cat litter to the climbing wall with a boom.

After his magnificent jump, Song Yu felt a painful sensation in his toes. He finally looked down at his toes to find that he had truly turned into a legendary orange cat!

What a joke!

Song Yu felt like his gut was punched. How could he turn into a cat? How anxious his mother would be after learning about his accident and what about his fans. Was he in a book? Or in a parallel universe? Where was he right now?

He must grasp all the information.

Luckily the owner has not closed the gate of the cat house. Song Yu tried his best to coordinate his legs and move. 

Initially, it was an unmanageable task, but slowly he turned to climb down the stairs. After climbing down for a while, he suddenly tripped and rolled down on the remaining steps.

Song Yu meowed twice because of his anger, and he stealthily searched for the study room.

Inside the study, Song Yu jumped onto the chair with great difficulty and pressed his claw’s on the power button of the computer.

The computer was locked and a password was required to it.

Song Yu tried to enter a few passwords randomly, but all of them were wrong. 

He became discouraged and jumped down the chair after shutting down the computer. He looked at the tablet that was lying on the table, but he found out that it also required a password to open it.

Song Yu strolled around the room casually and found that there was something wrong with the owner because there were many places that were locked as if someone wanted to hide some shameful secret here.

Song Yu was actually a little curious about the owner’s identity, but he really wasn’t able to find any information about the owner. He decided to leave this place first.

He guessed that if this was still his original world, then the news of his car accident should be viral till now. After all, he was a first-class actor. On average, out of every five girls, one girl would be his fan.

If he was able to meet others on the road, then he might even get the hospital’s address where he was admitted after that accident.

He was too smart!



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