RPWDL: Chapter-13 (Part-2)


Xu Lang walked and said, “After this movie, there should be a lot of scripts coming to you.”

“I will obediently take the college entrance examination. And talk about it after the exam!” Xia Teng instantly promised.

“Yeah.” Xu Lang remembered something, and said, “You should apply for Weibo. So, you can see what your fans say about you.”

Xia Teng blushed.

Xu Lang didn’t know that she already had a Weibo account.

Well, she should apply for another one.

After Xia Teng applied for it, she was instantly added by the director on the official account of the film.

The film premiered today, and Xia Teng was the third female lead, so the popularity wasn’t very high but still many fans came to check her account.

Xia Teng was very excited, “Should I post something?”

“I will take a picture of you, and you can send it up, saying hello.” Xu Lang hoped that there should be no one who would discredit Xia Teng in this life.

So of course, he had to help her create a good personality in all aspects.

“You do your homework obediently.” Xu Lang told Xia Teng.

“Oh.” Xia Teng nodded and then immersed herself in the homework.

Although Xu Lang didn’t know much about the entertainment industry, he knew what the contrast was.

The female number three crushed the female lead and the male lead in both acting and temperament.

Many people who had seen it in the movie, because of the makeup and acting skills would naturally think that the female number three was a middle-aged actress. 

At this time, those viewers discovered that the female number three was not only a beautiful young girl but also going to appear for the college entrance examination.

This contrast would look eye-catching and would easily attract fans.

Sure enough, after Xia Teng’s first Weibo post, the style of the comments below changed.

“Mother-in-law, is your daughter so old?”

“Mother-in-law, you did a great job in the play! I will treat your daughter well in the future, although I am also a woman.”

“As soon as I saw the beauty, I called out to my Mother-in-law. You are too frivolous. Unlike me, I went to move bricks to make money, and my mother-in-law waited for me.”

Xia Teng originally thought that people would praise her for her beautiful looks, but looking at the mother-in-law comment, she was stunned.

Xia Teng reluctantly posted another post.

“I am only eighteen years old, and the big sister above called me mother-in-law, what do you want me to do?”

And sent out two pictures for comparison, one was the screenshot of the movie character, and the other was her usual photo.

Someone also asked the director in the comments and posted a screenshot of the director’s answer.

“Oh my God, I can’t even think about it!”

“My mother-in-law has become my daughter-in-law!”

Xu Lang found that Xia Teng cared about the opinions of her fans. 

After living with her for a while, Xu Lang had slowly found out that Xia Teng was a very soft and innocent person. She had hen principles and was always gentle towards the world.

This made him couldn’t help but think of his previous life. How did such a soft girl face so much criticism alone?

“Xu Lang, what do you eat for lunch?” Xia Teng looked at Weibo for a while, and then slowly lost interest.

“What do you want to eat?”

“Fish, no meat. As long as there is meat.” Xia Teng’s eyes were bright.

Xu Lang also has a personal Weibo, so he could see what Xia Teng updates easily. 

Unlike the previous life, Xia Teng who only updated her account after 100 years, Xia Teng in this life, updated her Weibo once every day.

Most of the posts were pictures of the food she had eaten, mostly meat.  

And the comments below were also very harmonious.

Translator Note: Sorry, this is the last chapter on this site. This book is already picked by another translator. For the next chapter read it – here



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