RPWDL: Chapter-13 (Part-1)


While Xia Teng was worrying about how to speak to the class teacher about leaving the dormitory, Xu Lang already resolved her problem.

So Xia Teng only had to moved out.

The classmates only knew that Xia Teng had moved out, but those people didn’t know that she and Xu Lang were now living together, so it didn’t cause any sensation in the school.

Because of being in the third year of high school, everyone didn’t have the time to watch tv shows or movies, so they didn’t know about her work.

“Let’s go and watch a movie tomorrow.” Before sleeping, Xu Lang revised Xia Teng’s paper and then told Xia Teng.

“Okay.”, Xia nodded.

Only after arriving at the cinema hall did she find that the name of the movie was a bit familiar.

“The name of this movie is so familiar, it seems, I have heard it somewhere.” Xia Teng told Xu Lang while holding the movie ticket.

“Search for the cast on the internet?” 

Xu Lang asked.

Xia Teng went to search, and then she saw her name was written on the cast list, mixed with many familiar names.

It was the movie in which Xia Teng played, the third female-lead.

“Ohhhh…” Seeing her name, Xia Teng became excited, she was only stopped by Xu Lang.

Xia Teng knew that she couldn’t behave too ostentatiously, so she leaned close to Xu Lang and spoke.  

“I am so excited. This is my first movie, and also the first time I went to the cinema hall to watch a movie, and I watched my movie!”

“There will be many opportunities like this in the future. Do you want coke and popcorn?” Xu Lang asked.

“Yes!!!” Xia Teng couldn’t suppress her excitement.

They went to watch the 9:30 show, and today was the first day, because of the lack of strong publicity there were not many people who came to watch the movie.

In addition to them, only a few more people were sitting in the last two rows who were watching the movie.

In the beginning, Xia Teng was chewing the popcorn and watching the movie with gusto.

Then, slowly, she stopped chewing the popcorn and drinking the Coke, and her tears flowed.

Xu Lang glanced at her and found Xia Teng looked very cute immersed in the movie.  

In that scene, her tears were real.  

Xu Lang quietly handed a tissue to Xia Teng. 

At this time, he found that a few girls sitting behind them were also crying.

It seemed, in the audience, he was only the one who was watching the movie sensibly.

After the movie ended, Xu Lang found that Xia Teng’s eyes were red and slightly swollen.

“I feel so desperate looking at her…”

Xu Lang couldn’t hold back, and slowly touched Xia Teng’s hair, and said, “Stupid. Are you so stupid? You have already played the role, and all of this is not true. This is a movie.”

Xia Teng suddenly realized.

“Yes, after finishing the movie Xiao Xiao Jiang had still said goodbye to me, but I still feel so sad…”

Xu Lang sighed.

“Probably, you are the only person who watched her movie and cried watching yourself, and you even cried so sincerely…”

“Yeah, I have done it… How did I do it? Did my role hold everyone back?” Xia Teng nervously asked Xu Lang’s opinion.

The female lead of this movie had always said that she was not from the drama school, and she had lowered the level of the crew.

Although she did this movie because she was in a lack of money at that time, she still didn’t ever want to lower the level of the crew.

Xie Tang was quite concerned about affecting the overall performance of the movie.



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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! Stay safe!

1 year ago

No baby, that lousy female lead only got the part because of her backer not talent

Thanks for the chapter 😁