RPWDL: Chapter-12 Use Violence To Control Violence (Part-2)


However, the effect of the continuous revision was very gratifying. Xia Teng was able to score 110 marks in English.

But, her speaking and composition were still horrible.

However, the high score would just be a matter of time.

After the winter break, when the school started, Xia Teng wanted to go back to the school’s dormitory to live.

Xu Lang didn’t stop her. 

However, unexpectedly Xia Teng fought with her roommate in less than a week. Xu Lang heard the news of their fight, on the next day.

Xia Teng and her roommates were called into the head teacher’s office. 

Xia Teng had sent him a text message, “There is nothing serious. They were all badly beaten up by me. I am fine. They will obediently apologize to me in front of the teacher.”

After confirming that his baby was fine, Xu Lang relaxed and returned to his classroom.

When Xia Teng came back from the office, Xu Lang gave up his seat, and said, “It is incredible that one person can beat three people.”

Noticing that Xu Lang wasn’t truly angry, Xia Teng directly explained, “Fighting against the girls like her, I could even hit ten in a single time!”

“Then why do you fight?” Xu Lang asked.

“Well, it’s a bit complicated.” Xia Teng furiously explained, “Last night, when I went back to the dormitory, one of the girls poured a glass of cold water on me. And then started scolding me for stealing her boyfriend. She even called me junior, after confirming that her boyfriend was not you, I hit her.” 

She added, “I didn’t know any boy other than you, so from where did I get in a relationship with her boyfriend? As a result, she started fighting with me, she tried to even scratch my face. How can I bear it?”

In a proud tone, she said, “So I taught her what it is like to fight. Then her two friends joined the fight, so I hit them too. It somehow became like gang war…”

Then only Xu Lang noticed that Xia Teng had changed into a completely new person. 

After losing weight, eating, and sleeping well during the holidays, Xia Teng’s whole body had become healthy and beautiful.

It wasn’t because she liked the boy, he was afraid that maybe after looking at her, that girl’s boyfriend fell in love with her, and the girl would have found out.

This was what had happened.

Surely, after a while, a tall boy walked towards them and directly apologized to Xia Teng.

Taking a glance at the other person, Xia Teng couldn’t help, but asked, “You are Li Yan’s boyfriend who had spread the rumor?”

The boy was astonished by such a sharp question, and hurriedly replied, “No, I am not her boyfriend…”

“I didn’t tell the headteacher about it.” Xia Teng added, “But If you dare to spread rumors about me again, I won’t guarantee what will happen after that.”

They were in their third year of high school, puppy love was strictly prohibited, and if it was discovered by the teacher, the parents of both parties would be invited to deal with it.

That was the reason why the three girls even being badly beaten had to apologize to her.

The boy left in embarrassment.

Looking at the sharp Xia Teng, Xu Lang was a little uncomfortable.

He credited this discomfort to the fact that Xia Teng had now bloomed.

After scaring away the boy, Xia Teng turned her head and said, “In fact, I did not want to fight them. I love peace.” 


“Hey, I am a very gentle person by nature!” Xia Teng hurriedly explained.

“Well, very gentle.” 

In the previous life, when she confronted people who she didn’t like she always spoke without giving a thought. She was known for her hot temper.

That was the reason why she had a bad reputation.

Hearing Xu Lang’s words and looking at her seriously nodding face, Xie Tang immediately blushed. She lowered his head and looked at the paper.

Because of the study style, the other girls in the class slowly started talking to her.

Xu Lang decided to let Xia Teng move out of the dormitory after finding out that Xia Teng had purchased toothbrushes three times within a week.

“You have beaten all the three girls in your room.” Xu Lang said.

“They started it.” Xia Teng wanted to restore her gentle image. 

She said, “They recently started to throw away my things sneakily because I don’t have evidence they get away with it.

“You can move out to live.” Xu Lang said.

Xia Teng froze, and with eyes full of surprising emotion said, “Yes, but I have to beat them all first!”



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