RPWDL: Chapter-12 Use Violence To Control Violence (Part-1)


After finding the couplet from the dustbin, Xu Lang waited for Xia Teng to read the words from the couplet. 

Xia Teng said, “The home is bright and everything is prosperous. The door welcomes good health and wealth inside the home.” 

“These words are auspicious.” Xia Teng added.

This was the first time Xu Lang was making a couplet, and luckily his handwriting was good, so the couplet looked good.

While admiring the couplet, Xia Teng said, “You have written better than the couplets sold in the market.”

Xu Lang smiled and took Xia Teng out to post the couplet on the door. 

Xia Teng had the responsibility of checking the positioning of the couplet and Xu Lang was responsible for putting it on the door. 

With the help of each other, they quickly posted the auspicious words on the door. The hand-made couplet pasted on the door gave a more home-like vibe to the house. 

After that, Xia Teng and Xu Lang studied together and solved previous year’s question papers and ate dinner together in the evening.

Looking at Xia Teng who was sincerely doing her homework, Xu Lang said, “Come out with me.”

Xia Teng had no idea where they were going but she obediently followed after Xu Lang. 

Xu Lang took a hat and said, “Wear this first.”

“Ok!” Xie Tang said.

The children were playing outside because there was still time in lighting the fireworks. They were playing with some colorful small firework sticks.

Xu Lang knew Xia Teng would be attracted to those firework-sticks, so he already brought some for him. 

Xu Lang handed the firework sticks and said, “I bought these for you.” 

Xia Teng’s eyes brightened, and they were sparkling like the stars in the sky.

Xu Lang didn’t like those children’s playthings, but today when he saw it, he guessed Xie Tang would like it. 

But, he was blown by the happy face of Xia Teng. He had never seen her so happy. 

Xia Teng unwillingly put away the remaining firework-sticks, when the children were called back by their parents.  

She reluctantly returned them to Xu Lang.

Xu Lang slowly touched Xia Teng’s head like appeasing a child, and said, “I will bring you back tomorrow to light the remaining ones.”

Xia Teng looked at him, and said, “No, I have to study hard.” 

After returning home, they both continued to study.

At night, when Xu Lang returned to the bedroom to sleep, he found a gift box lying on the bed.

When he opened it, there was a coat inside with a greeting card ‘Thank you for coming in my life.’ written on it.

It turned out, Xia Teng went out early from the hotel that day to buy this for him.

Xu Lang’s mouth was raised in a smile, and he took out the coat carefully to hang it on a hanger next to him.

It was he who was thankful for Xia Teng’s appearance in his life.

After lying on the bed, he found a red envelope pressed under the pillow.

Earlier, Xu Lang had given the red envelope to Xia Teng, and now was Xia Teng giving lucky money to him?

The next morning, Xia Teng simply started studying in beastly mode.

Xu Lang’s life was much more complicated than Xie Teng’s. Daily various managers would call him to report about the company’s affair. 

Xu Lang was searching for good partners to create a stable partnership. 

Everything was going well.

As the new semester began, Xia Teng said, “I wanted this vacation to never end.”

Xu Lang couldn’t help, but say, “Studying for seventeen hours daily?” 

Xia Teng had spent her time mainly on studying while only sleeping for seven hours a day.

Even the bathroom mirror was full of short notes which she memorized while brushing her teeth.

Once Xia Teng was looking intently at Xu Lang. Xu Lang felt a chill, and he slowly asked, “Please don’t tell me that you want to stick those notes on my body.”

Xia Teng thoughtfully said, “No, can I stick it on your face?”

Xu Lang knocked on Xia Teng’s head, and then cruelly refused.



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Thanks for the chapter,
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Thank you for continuing the translation.

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This is such a sweet sweet story 🥰

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