RLS: Chapter-2


After picking an apple, Fang Li simply walked to the sofa and sat down while eating it. His uncle and cousin were still sleeping, so there wasn’t anyone else in the living room. 

Other than his uncle’s family, there was only one helper in the family, who got busy preparing in the kitchen before dawn. 

Everything else was done by Xu Yue Shan, if he were the former Fang Li, after waking up he would have immediately gone to help her but now this Fang Li had no such intentions.

If he didn’t smash this place, that was already pretty good of him.

Seeing that it was almost time for Yue Wen Xi’s arrival, Xu Yue Shan hurriedly walked out of the kitchen and went to wake up her husband, son, and daughter.

By the time, Xu Yue Shan dragged the three to wash up and come to the living room, Yue Wen Xi had arrived.

Seeing Yue Wen Xi’s arrival, the family of four hurriedly walked out of the living room to greet her.

“Wen Xi is back??” The two-faced Xu Yue Shan smiled and asked Yue Wen Xi.

Xu Yue Shan’s appearance was completely different from the way she just scolded Fang Li.

“Uncle…Aunt…Cousin…Cousin!” Yue Wen Xi slowly shouted with a gentle smile after getting out of the black car.

Fang Li leaned back on the door and mockingly smiled. 

The black car that sent Yue Wen Xi had come earlier but he didn’t come out. Yue Wen Xi waited until everyone came out to greet him, only then did he get out of the car. 

Yue Wen Xi occasionally came here just to enjoy the way Fang Li was being scolded by his uncle’s family.

“Quickly come inside, the food is ready. It’s all your favorite dishes!” Xu Yue Shan said with a big smile.

Yue Wen Xi nodded gently, then walked inside with them. 

When she saw Fang Li standing at the door, Yue Wen Xi smiled and shouted.

“Fang Li!!”

Fang Li just gave her a cold look, then turned back to walk towards the restaurant.

His mother and Yue Wen Xi’s mother were sisters, they were cousins ​​of the same age. Even their parents died together in an accident when they were going out together for some work.

As a child, Fang Li’s family condition was much better than Yue Wen Xi’s, so every time she came to the Grandpa’s house, Xu Yue Shan treated him much better than Yue Wen Xi’s.

Later, as his parents died, Zhao Guang Qing and Xu Yue Shan took Fang Li’s property through Mr. Zhao’s hand, their attitude towards Fang Li plummeted. 

They only hoped that Fang Li could die quickly. so, they could take all those properties for granted.

After the accident, Yue Wen Xi was adopted by a distant relative on his father’s side. 

That distant relative had a very powerful background, so every time Yue Wen Xi came to Zhao’s family, the husband and wife treated him like a God.

After everyone took their seats at the dining table, Xu Yue Shan frowned looking at Fang Li, and shouted, “What are you sitting down for?! Hurry up and serve everyone!” 

“I am also going to eat. Why should I serve dinner to everyone??” Fang Li asked blankly.

“I don’t care if you eat or starve to death, but we want to eat. Hurry up and serve!!” Xu Yue Shan angrily looked at Fang Li and shouted again.

“Forget it, Auntie. Let Aunt Wu serve dinner today.” Yue Wen Xi lightly said, while holding her chin.

“Okay…” Xu Yue Shan immediately agreed with Yue Wen Xi and shouted to the kitchen.

“Aunt Wu! Bring out the rice!!”

“Ohh…Okay.” Aunt Wu answered back from the kitchen.

“Before everyone can eat, I have something to say.” Fang Li said after pausing to see their reaction and then continued, “I want my money back.”



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