RLS: Chapter-1


Fang Li bent over and repeatedly washed his face with cold water to wake himself up.

Looking at his face in the mirror, he took a deep breath. The person looking in the mirror had no scars on his face, had no disfigurement.

So was he born again? 

This wasn’t a dream. He wasn’t dreaming!

Fang Li stood up and stared at the narrow bathroom, then turned around and walked out. 

Looking at the small single room which only had a space for a single bed and a small closet. Fang Li wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. 

He was reborn!!

There was a sudden knock on the door, Fang Li first took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and then went to open the door.

When Fang Li opened the door, he saw Xu Yue Shan was standing with a furious look on his face. 

Xue Yue Shan roared, “What time is it? Why haven’t you still got up? Sleep and sleep, you only know how to sleep! Doing nothing! You know today Wen Xi is coming back, and there are many things to help. Go and help! Hurry up!”

After roaring, Xu Yue Shan scowled at Fang Li with disgust, and then turned and went downstairs.

Fang Li expressionlessly closed the door, he went back to the bathroom to wash and changed his clothes. 

He wouldn’t go down and help them. Those people lived on his parents’ inheritance and still looked down upon him.

If a person was weak, he would be bullied and despised by others. Only by becoming tough, you wouldn’t be bullied, but he learned this lesson too late in his previous life, causing him to die in such a miserable situation.

Fang Li’s parents died when he was only fourteen-year-old, from then on he had lived in his grandfather’s house.

After entering college, he started living on the campus. The college was off these days so he had to come back. For living here, he still had to pay living expenses.     

Xu Yue Shan was his aunt. After his parents’ demise, she always made things difficult for him.

People who didn’t know would though, Xu Yue Shan was dissatisfied with him because he spent her money, but in fact, his parents were already rich. 

After his parents died, his grandfather used to keep the property, but now it was in the hands of his uncle and his aunt.   

That couple hadn’t planned to return his inheritance, Fang Li even had to earn his tuition fees. Only a small amount of living expenses was reluctantly given to him.  

After washing and changing his clothes, Fang Li opened the closet and took out his backpack. There was the key to open the drawers in the closet.

After opening the drawers, he took the contents out and put them in the backpack. Mainly he took the few of his important things left here in the house and packed them in his backpack.

Mostly all of his things were placed in the college. 

Carrying his backpack, Fang Li walked out of the room.

After stepping downstairs, Fang Li first put his backpack in the corner and then walked into the hall.

Xu Yue Shan, who was busy putting a variety of fruit on the fruit plates, and decorating the table with small snacks in the lobby, looked up and saw Fang Li.

She immediately straightened her body and started loudly cursing him, “You came down, now help me immediately! What are you doing? Are you deaf ear, or is your brain broken? Can’t understand human words? A waste! A completely useless waste! How can you still be studying at the university?!”

Cursing Fang Li, Xu Yue Shan said that he should also be killed by that car in which his parents’ died.

While cursing, she walked to the kitchen to see if the dishes were ready to serve.

Fang Li didn’t react when Xu Yue Shan cursed, he had heard it too many times. Before, he used to feel aggrieved after listening to it.

But now he only felt an intense resentment, listening to those curse words.



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