RFCM: Chapter-3 (Part-3)


The man wearing the suit pants remained indifferent to the sharp attack of Asa’s. He even smiled mildly at him.

When Asa’s ankle was about to reach his nose, the man slowly raised his hand and grabbed Asa’s foot accurately before it could harm him.

He sharply pulled Asa’s feet causing Asa to fall.

The man immediately moved forward to catch Asa, before he could fall to the ground.

Asa fell into the arms of the man.

Asa hurriedly tried to remove himself from the man’s forceful embrace, but the man’s arms were like a strong iron grip. 

The man was holding very tightly on him.

Asa was scared, this opponent of his was very powerful. 

His heart tightened, the man was far more powerful than that of what Asa had earlier expected.

He wanted to immediately run away. 

Because of the fear, there was a tingling sensation in his mouth and his fangs came out. 

Unconsciously, Asa bit the neck of the man with his sharp teeth.

He was trying to make the man loosen his arms because of pain. He bit hard.

Asa had bit the grave-keeper nine hours ago, and now he had again taken a bite on something.

After tasting the man’s blood, Asa couldn’t stop himself.

The blood he had tasted earlier was not good. 

The blood of that grave-keeper was very bitter and dry. 

Because he was very hungry last night, he didn’t focus much on the taste. 

But, this time the blood he was drinking was very sweet and mellow. It had a sweet smell of a fine-aged wine, a wine that had been buried for hundreds of years.

This blood was enough to make him drunk. 

After drinking the blood, the pale face of Asa became rosy and the golden eyes glowed up.

Asa suddenly stopped drinking.

He suddenly remembered the pain that he had felt after drinking the blood last night. 

His body instinctively wanted to resist the blood.

With a strong will, Asa tried to hold back his blood lust.

He removed his teeth from the man’s neck and looked at him with vigilance.

The hole in the man’s neck immediately closed under the naked eyes after Asa removed his teeth. 

 This self-healing stunned Asa.

He immediately wanted to leave and not look back at this powerful person of unknown origin.

He bent and lifted his feet to run, but was immediately intercepted by his opponent.

Asa brutally attacked the man and without giving the man any chance, he pushed hard on the opponent’s chest.

After pushing him, he hurriedly jumped out of the man’s embrace. 

As a result, he was able to free himself.

As soon as Asa got free, he turned and ran like a mad dog without looking back.

In only a few minutes, Asa was able to jump the branches and escape.

The man’s corner of the mouth was hooked with a slight smile. 

He didn’t go to catch the teenager. He lifted his left hand and slowly opened the cuff.

After glancing at his watch, the man said, “Don’t drag down. We have to leave this place before the sun comes up.”

He softly added, “Asa.”

TL NOTE: Asa is really like a newborn calf who only understands the language of fear and dominance. But still, he is kind of unique and cute don’t you think so? One thing more, are you curious about the identity of ‘the man’? Well, it will be revealed in upcoming chapters.



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1 year ago

he really is cute! asa only following his instincts,, so so cute!