RFCM: Chapter-3 (Part-2)


Asa frowned his eyebrows while looking at the black-robed man. 

Was the man able to see him?

With a dull pupil, Asa was staring at the canopy of leaves with caution and hesitation. 

Even though Asa felt he could deal with this man with his strength, he remained vigilant and cautious.

Without knowing why Asa was still unwilling to hurt someone who was not a threat to him. 

The two figures, one on the tree and the other under the tree remained deadlocked for a while. 

No one took the initiative to talk or speak to the other.

Slowly the sun rose from the horizon and the morning light came out.

The first ray of sunlight infiltrated through the dense leaves and fell on Asa’s small face. 

The sunlight was very faint but still, Asa responded horrifyingly to it. He hurriedly moved backward to escape from the sunlight.

This set of actions caused the branches to shake and create some sound.  

“The Young Master of blood race, are you afraid of sunlight.” 

The man’s voice from under the tree came without any hurry in it. 

The youth’s eyes became dark, the man knew who he was and where he was hiding!

What was this blood race? Is this the race that depends on blood to live?

But those priests and that gatekeeper called him a vampire.

What was he? Vampire or someone from the blood race?

Did this person pose any kind of threat to him?

But this person’s voice didn’t have any threatening tone in it.

Without knowing why Asa didn’t want to fight this person. 

Slowly more of the sunlight was falling on him, and the leaves weren’t able to block it.

Those sun rays were burning him. 

Asa didn’t want to feel this burning pain. But, unknowingly his heart was desiring for sunlight.

It was like the more you couldn’t get a thing, the more you want to get it.

The man’s voice again sounded, “Are you still willing to hide? The sunlight was going to get stronger after a while.”

The man’s voice was getting closer to him. 

Asa saw a pair of shiny black leather shoes come into his field of vision. 

A man dressed in black suit pants with straight long legs was looking at him.

After looking at the man, Asa didn’t think he could win a fight over this man.

Asa quietly bit his lips, he became somewhat stupid after measuring his opponent 

This man knew about his strength and weakness. He must be part of that group of priests and gatekeeper, who chased after him earlier.

There was no one else who knew him or who he was.

“You don’t have to conceal. I am coming down.” Because of not speaking for much time, Asa’s voice was thick and hoarse.

Without thinking much, Asa carefully stood up and jumped down from the branch.

As a result, he fell straight on the ground. The man with blue eyes coldly looked at him.

Asa could see the man who was wearing a black suit and pants. The man was very tall and had black hair which was short in length. 

The man had a sharp jaw-line with deep handsome features on his face.

He was truly not an opponent of this man, but this man didn’t look like someone from the priests’ team.

After a moment, there was only one idea for survival in his head. 

That was to run, run very fast. 

But, before running he needed to create some distraction first, so he could run safely afterward.

After hesitating a moment, Asa shifted his foot and with fierce energy cut towards the man. As if he was going to fight till death to the man.



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