MUMSPB: Chapter-3


They were not husband and wife at all. Not only did he know that the woman got into the wedding car only because her mother was captured by the Mu family.

But he also knew that his newlywed bride was planted with a puppet voodoo. The

Huo Jue also knew about the fact that the Mu family asked her to steal the Huo family’s top-quality magic weapon quickly.

Because of the voodoo magic, she was at the initial stage of entering the realm of delusion.

In this stage, she could not eat or move and could only be controlled by people who made her puppet.

In Sushuang Pavilion, he had already set up a magic circle, which could suppress the attack of the puppet Gu.

As long as she stayed obediently in that courtyard, the puppet Gu would be deactivated in a few days. 

And after taking the medicine, she would naturally be able to completely suppress the puppet Gu, destroying the voodoo magic.

Puppet Gu had a small lifespan, and the medicine he prepared for her to suppress the Gu worm was enough to survive until the Gu worm in her body completely died.

Planning for her future, Huo Jue had already exhausted all his benevolence.

When Qu Shuang heard that he didn’t even have the desire to pick up the bride, he also sighed deeply in his heart.

The young master was really… so pitiful.

Since the sudden death of the patriarch, the sect had fallen apart overnight.

The young patriarch’s spiritual platform was shattered, and because of the attack, he was blinded by the magic energy.

It happened that the Mu family broke their promise when the young patriarch needed their help the most. 

They sent a girl from the side branch who was in the early stage of delusion to marry, it was really hateful!

However, the young master was kind-hearted and didn’t want to bring pain to others. So, he didn’t consider this marriage.

If this woman was wise enough to take the antidote and leave, it was good. She could also remarry in the future without any delay.

Qu Shuang took the order, turned around, and went out to settle the new bride.

Poor Mu Qing Lan, who was waiting for her lover with a hot heart, was left in the cold.     

The little disciple named Qu Shuang came and said, “The young master said that Miss Mu must be extremely tired after coming from so far away…”

“So, he asked me to escort Miss Mu to Sushuang Pavilion to rest first.”

Mu Qing Lan heard this in the sedan car and after speaking, the man immediately become silent.

She felt sorry for Huo Jue’s poor health, if he just wanted to leave the complicated etiquette in the middle of the night, she could have agreed.

But what Huo Jue meant by this was that he wanted to regret this marriage!

How could this work, she was here to marry him!

When Mu Qing Lan was in a hurry, her eyes turned green like mist, and she unknowingly blurted out in a sharp voice, “No!”

After Mu Qing Lan shouted, she immediately realized that she had lost her composure, and the strange green color in her eyes faded away in an instant.

Outside, Qu Shuang said again, “Young patriarch has had a cold recently, and he is sick and weak. There are many things that are not well thought out.” 

When Mu Qing Lan heard that Huo Jue was ill, she couldn’t care less about anything else. 

She was afraid that Huo Jue was using an excuse to prevaricate and try to regret the marriage. 

But hearing he was suffering from a cold, Mu Qing Lan sat up straight.

The person who had not moved much in the carriage for several days along the way couldn’t help but lifted the curtain and jumped out. 

Like a ray of breeze, she fell lightly in front of Qu Shuang and eagerly asked, “He, Huo, How is Huo Jue??”

“…I’ll go and see him.” Mu Qing Lan hurriedly said, “Lead the way for me.” 

Mu Qing Lan was dressed in a red wedding dress, and the red hijab was still on her head.

After standing on the ground, she suddenly became silent, her whole body became cold.

Qu Shuang and others suddenly felt a strong coldness, and one of the disciples couldn’t help but rub the fine hair on his arm.

Translator Note: This is the last chapter. Sorry, I am going to stop translating this book due to some personal reasons. If anyone wants to pick this book, you can. There is no need to ask.

For reader’s if interested there is mtl (machine translation) version available – HERE


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