MUMSPB: Chapter-1


The Heavenly Sword Sect and the Mu Family of the Beisong Kingdom got married according to the oath made by the two Patriarchs back then!

But everyone knows that Huo Jue, the young leader of the Heavenly Sword Sect, was already a useless man with a broken spiritual platform.

Marrying a mortal farmer was better than marrying a disabled man with a broken spiritual platform.

After the spiritual platform of a cultivator was broken, what awaited him was the decline of the five senses, a death worst than a mortal man. 

If his spiritual power dissipated faster, the bridegroom may not be able to wait to receive the bride. The groom was still a young man now, but maybe before the bride arrived the groom may have become an old man.

The Mu family was not stupid either. 

Although the Heavenly Sword Sect was one of the four major sects in the cultivation world, the elders of the inner sect were divided and fighting for power. 

The eldest miss of the Mu family refused to marry the disabled man, so the Mu family had a bad idea.

The oath was witnessed by the Dao of Heaven, so it could not be disobeyed, otherwise, they would be burdened by karma, but this oath did not refer to anyone in particular!

 As long as the one who was getting married was from the Mu family, it was fine!

Therefore, the new bride in this sedan chair was not at all the eldest miss of the Mu family, Mu Wan Ran, who was the original marriage partner. But a daughter from the side branch of the Mu family.

A small fish that could not be placed on the table in the Mu family–Mu Qing Lan.

The Mu family had detained the blind mother of the new bride, Mu Qing Lan, and under the pretense of treating her mother’s illness, forced her to put on the red dress and sit in the bridal sedan chair. 

It was really pitiful.

Along the way, the bride did not eat or drink or get out of the car, obviously, she was extremely disheartened.

However, it was completely different from the shabby welcoming procession for the bride, which was more like a funeral procession. 

The bride in the sedan chair was all dressed up with pink cheeks under the hijab, red lips, and white teeth. 

The corners of her lips were almost hooked to the base of her ears.

From the moment she was “imprisoned” into the bridal sedan chair four days ago till now the corner of the bride’s mouth had never been pressed down even while sleeping.

If it weren’t for the fear that others would think she was going crazy, she would have laughed out loud.

Mu Qing Lan was really very happy.

The person she was going to get married to was her male god, how come there was such a good thing in this world?!

She reached out and lightly smashed on the sedan car, with anger, this ox cart was really too slow!

It’s been four days, and she hasn’t arrived yet. 

Mu Qing Lan couldn’t wait to get rid of the sedan chair and run to Heavenly Sword Sect by herself so that she could meet her groom as soon as possible.

Thinking of Huo Jue who went to Mu’s house to attend the Mu family’s Patriarch’s birthday banquet ten years ago, Mu Qing Lan smiled. 

That day, Huo Jue was sitting in the main hall with a straight back, Mu Qing Lan couldn’t enter the banquet hall, so she had to pretend to be a little maidservant, and poured wine by his side.

The boy’s eyebrows were high, but his temperament was calm, his face was like an ice sculpture. 

He didn’t touch anything during the banquet, but just looking at him sitting there was pleasing to the eye like watching a white jade statue.

He even looked back at her!

That one glance hooked Mu Qing Lan for ten years.

Mu Qing Lan was lost in her memory, and the smile on the corner of her mouth widened a bit. She let out a soft laugh with a “hehe”.

Hearing the sound, the little girl covered her face with her hands and manually smoothed the corners of her mouth.

Rubbing her face, she raised her red hijab a little, pressed her heart with one hand, and told herself to behave in a dignified and gentle manner, just like she had to pretend to be reluctant before getting into the bridal sedan chair.

Then she slowly stretched out her slender fingers, opened the window of the bridal sedan chair a little bit, and looked up at Beisong Mountain.

The large formation of Beisong Mountain was like a high mountain holding the waves of the sky, isolating the extreme cold of the wind and snow, and isolating everything on the other side of the world. 

Seen from a distance, the big formation that embraced the wind and snow looks like a large cloud, with a sense of magnificence and oppression overwhelming the city.

Sword cultivators have always been good at hard work, and only hard work and extreme conditions could make the sword cultivators unite their bodies and swords, enlighten their hearts, and eventually become their spiritual shields.

Therefore, all the sword cultivators who come out of Beisong Mountain have the cold smell of frost and snow on their bodies, but Mu Qing Lan felt that Huo Jue was different.

His smell was very special, Mu Qing Lan couldn’t describe how special it was, anyway, it made people want to hug him and rub on him.

Of course, when you like someone, he would be unique in your eyes.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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