IATTM: Chapter-6 Conquer The Grassroot King Arc (Part-2)



Heroes in troubled times.

Ji Jin Rong analyzed calmly and looked up at King Zhennan.


King Zhennan was also watching Ji Jin Rong.

Ji Jin Rong suspected that King Zhennan’s gaze had never left him. When he came here, he looked in the mirror. He didn’t find this face attractive. At most, his eyebrows looked a little like him.

How did Zhennan King focus on himself?


Ji Jin Rong put down the memorial in his hand.

King Zhennan said, “Some of the ministers’ words shouldn’t be taken seriously, and it’s not an important thing.”


Ji Jin Rong nodded.

King Jinnan said, “If His Majesty can order at an early date, the minister can also be relieved to send troops.”

Ji Jin Rong said in surprise, “Ship?”

King Zhennan opened the cloth curtain aside, and a novelty appeared in front of Ji Jin Rong.

Ji Jin Rong’s eyes were suddenly attracted.

It was a square sand pond with mountains and rivers piled up according to the terrain, and many large and small ring flags. 

At first glance, Ji Jin Rong understood that this was a “sand field”, a simulated sand field, used to analyze the situation of the battle.

Is King Zhennan really “him”? 

Even this kind of thing that was particularly useful for the marching formation was shown to him so generously!

Ji Jin Rong put away the doubts in her heart and watched the entire “sand field” seriously. He has a good memory, and he remembered it at a glance. Even if he destroys the “sand field” immediately, he can restore it.

Ji Jin Rong’s eyes were slightly bright, looking towards King Zhennan.

This is what King Zhennan had brought from another world. He knew that Ji Jin Rong would understand and would like it. After waiting so long, he finally got a chance to show it to Ji Jin Rong.

King Zhennan took out a banner to Ji Jin Rong and said, “This place is a very good place to produce rapeseed, and the oil produced is particularly good. By then, the Minister will let them make enough tribute every year. The palace uses it for cooking.”

He inserted another command flag in another place.” The citruses here are big and sweet, and they look quite special. ” 

“I will win it as soon as possible when my Majesty celebrates the New Year, he will be able to eat it. “

Ji Jin Rong, “…”

Seeing King Zhennan introduce the past one by one, even the beef raised in any place was extremely fat and was ready to be beaten down and raised to eat.

Speaking of which, because the economy of the country had been greatly reduced, it needed cattle, and the number of cattle was very rare, so cattle were often forbidden to kill even.

Ji Jin Rong was quite sorry.

King Zhennan seemed to read what he thought and said with a smile.

 “Your Majesty, rest assured, the Minister will take them down soon. By the time the weather is cold, Your Majesty can try hot pot …”

Ji Jin Rong heard another new word.

He asked in confusion, “Hot pot?”

King Zhennan took Ji Jin Rong’s hand and brought him back to the table, took out a piece of white paper, and drew a hot pot shape. He said, “Although it is a bit crude, it is a pleasure to eat. If you add seasoning such as pepper, pepper, etc., you will even sweat in the winter.”

After waiting for Ji Jin Rong to ask questions, King Zhennan introduced him again.

“Chilli is also the food brought by the boatmen from overseas. Minister has made people try to grow some. The next time, the chili will be sent to Du Yu, let His Majesty taste it. “

Ji Jin Rong listened to it eagerly.

After the maggots were driven away, Ji Jin Rong came back. Why did you get it again? If Xiliang knew that King Zhennan was attacking them for food, they would be so angry!

Ji Jin Rong was very heartlessly secretive. He had to say that the prospect of King Zhennan was wonderful. 

He started liking him more and more, and not because of eating!

He was the mighty emperor, how could he be bought for a little food!

Alas, he wanted to eat the beef hot pot that King Zhennan said, with the unheard peppers, and then some mushrooms, lamb, fish fillets…

Ji Jin Rong felt a little hungry.

King Zhennan Wang thoughtfully proposed to go for dinner.

Ji Jin Rong ate a full meal.

King Zhennan poured a glass of wine for Ji Jin Rong and said, “It’s cold on an autumn night, Your Majesty has some wine to warm up.”

Ji Jin Rong watched the glass of wine alertly, for fear of what would happen if he drank it.

King Zhennan did not force him, but poured himself a drink and drank slowly.

The wine was so fragrant, Ji Jin Rong sucked and felt that it was okay to drink. He could not help but drink a small glass. Unexpectedly, although the taste of the wine was good, soon after half a glass, he was almost drunk.

At this time suddenly heavy rain began to fall outside, the rain string burst down.

King Zhennan put down his glass and said to Ji Jin Rong, who was already overwhelmed by alcohol, “Your Majesty, it’s dark and rainy again, I’m afraid you won’t be able to go out of the house tonight.” 

Ji Jin Rong still had a touch of sobriety, trying to push back the arms of King Zhennan. It was a pity that with a little force, it couldn’t shake the embrace of King Zhennan.

When he arrived at Ji Jin Rong’s room, King Zhennan called someone to bring in hot water. He didn’t do anything excessive, just took a bath for Ji Jin Rong, and then hugged the naked Ji Jin Rong into a dragon bed, and asked someone to carry the water out.

After the maid retreated, King Zhennan undressed and went to bed generously, taking Ji Jin Rong into his arms. He kissed Ji Jin Rong’s brows gently, feeling the warm and real touch of the person in his arms.

The man in his arms was alive.

His Majesty was alive.

No one will ever urge him to be buried, no one will ever urge him to put on his lord’s robe, and no one will repeatedly remind him that his lord is dead-never again. 

Alive, happy, and angry—His Majesty.

The palm of King Zhennan trembled slightly.

His voice was also trembling as if squeezed out of a trembling heart, his voice was low and dull 

“Your Majesty.”

Jiu Jin Rong was completely drunk. His face was flushed because he drank the wine, a little hot, but his body was slightly cold. 

King Zhennan tightened his arms tighter, and a small kiss fell lightly on Ji Jin Rong’s lips. The two people’s breaths were tightly entangled, which made King Zhennan’s desire in his heart explode. 

He shouted, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty…”

Ji Jin Rong slept soundly.

King Zhennan didn’t speak again, watching Ji Jin Rong’s quiet face. He waited until the rain stopped, and finally, the crescent moon showed up. 

He slowly closed his eyes.

Translator Note: This is the last chapter. Sorry, I am going to stop translating this book due to some personal reasons. If anyone wants to pick this book, you can. There is no need to ask.



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