IATTM: Chapter-6 Conquer The Grassroot King Arc (Part-1)


After reviewing the memorials, Ji Jin Rong got some knowledge about the Da Qi Dynasty.

Both Da Qi and Da Liang were on the north side. They were separated on the east and west borders. 

Da Liang slyly shot at the Day Qi border and snatched thousands of Da Qi’s good horses. It was not easy for Da Qi to raise them. 

The ministers were very intriguing, they kept saying that “we should strengthen the border” and “I think the Lord should bear this responsibility”. 

But, they meant the removal of the West Commander!

As for fighting Da Liang, no one had mentioned a word regarding it.

With a deadly enemy like Da Liang, those ministers’ arrogance was sky-high. They thought they didn’t need to attack at all, they just had to hold on till other nations fight back Da Liang.

It was no wonder that the King of the South was removing the gangsters. Otherwise, the Da Qi country was going to be attacked from all three sides!

Da Qi’s plight wasn’t just an external situation but also an internal conflict.

Ministers wanted to fight him. Only a few were loyal to him. The first emperor favored three eunuchs, and made them the so-called ‘three tigers of the palace’. 

These three tigers were nothing but evil, they were only greedy for silver.

To combine the land to rule and accumulate wealth, those three tigers let the court officials plague the court. 

They even killed many good soldiers and loyal ministers and chilled the hearts of the other loyal officials.

This caused many rebellions in the entire country, and the living conditions of the people fell into the dirt.

Those people started relying on crude weapons to resist this imperialist regime.

At that time, looking at the worsening condition the first emperor fled, but he didn’t expect to meet King Zhennan halfway.

He took away their horse and when the first emperor saw that King Zhennan was powerful he was afraid that the King would occupy his land and become the emperor himself.

After collecting the information, Ji Jin Rong knew Da Qi’s current situation. He concluded, “This country was going to be finished.”

There were no talents inside the court and hungry tigers and wolves were standing outside.

It would be difficult to survive.

King Zhennan didn’t blame him for all his earlier actions. 

If he didn’t appear in this world then Da Qi would have been swallowed up by him.

Compared with the precarious Da Qi court, the people who supported King Zhennan were more. 

King Zhennan was famous in the hearts of the people. King Zhennan exhibited no mercy to the royal family or the emperor. 

He even personally killed the “Three Tigers of the Palace”, and everyone applauded hearing it!

No matter how arrogant King Zhennan was, he could condemn anyone but there was one who was deserving enough to condemn him.



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