IATTM: Chapter-2 Conquer The Grassroot King Arc (Part-2)


A guard went out to fetch the sword for Marquis Wei Gou while wiping the tear.

With straight back Marquis Wei Guo strode towards the gate of the palace, leaving behind crying, guards and servants.

The student at the palace door calmed down after seeing the Marquis had arrived.

Everyone present there knew that Marquis Wei Guo was seriously ill. Still, his sharp eyes and the cold sword in his hand was enough to make people take a step back.

Watching students retreating, someone shouted in the crowd, “Save officials! Save..” 

Before the sentence could be complete, several arrows hit the crowd. 

The protesting students instantly panicked, “Murdered!”

Marquis Wei Guo stood in front of the palace gate and shouted, “Do you know where these arrows came from? Some of you, definitely have known this. See clearly, are you getting instigated by someone! I have come here only with my ancestor’s sword. If you take one more step, you will be my enemy today! I don’t have much strength, but I will fight with you to the end. You could only reach the palace by stepping on my dead body.”

There was dead silence after listening to Marquis Wei Guo.

Zhang Sun Meng fiercely ran towards Marquis Wei Guo. His face was bruised and the clothes were torn, but he didn’t stop. 

He forced his way through and kneeled in front of Marquis while holding Marquis’s leg he cried, “Grandpa, please go back! I am here, please don’t worry! Don’t worry about this!”

This caused turmoil in the students.

Marquis Wei Guo shook his legs and shouted, “You! Go back!”

Zhang Sun Meng hurriedly reached for the sword in Marquis Wei Guo’s hand and hastily said, “Grandpa, this ancestors sword should now be given to me. It’s my responsibility to hold it!” 

Zhang Sun Meng grew up in an instant. He turned his dark eyes over the students who wanted to rush towards the palace door.

Just then, the palace gate slowly opened and a figure dressed in bright yellow color appeared.

Ji Jin Rong came with clear chilly eyes and said, “I have come.”

While glancing over everyone, he asked, “What do you want to say to me? You speak.”

Ji Jin Ring was not afraid of those rebellious students who surrounded the palace door. He stepped forward and supported Marquis Wei Guo, who moved to salute him.

Zhang Sun Meng also went to bow to Ji Jin Rong, “Your Majesty!”

Ji Jin Rong heard this news from the stable boy, He Tai.

The stable was close to the palace gate and He Tai heard the noise. He Tai came from a scholar family. His stepmother was not willing to spend money on his education so she sent him to work. When he came he got an equestrian job because of his ability to handle horses.

He knows more than others about many things. 

After listening to Marquis’s words, He Tai wasn’t able to stay still. He took the red horse and went to Royal study. 

At the royal study door, he claimed that His Majesty’s favorite red-horse was unwell, and he wanted to meet Ji Jin Rong to speak about it.

Ji Jin Rong was quite surprised when he heard the news, he liked that horse. He immediately went to meet He Tai.

He Tai first asked for His Majesty’s forgiveness, he was guilty of deceiving the monarch.

And then he spoke about the student gathered at the palace door. 

After listening to He Tai, Ji Jin Rong ordered for his crown and put it on his head. He went to the palace gate while riding on the red horse brought by He Tai.

Watching the trembling yet straight back of Marquis Wei Guo, Ji Jin Rong thought about the people who would stand for him even behind his back.

He couldn’t pretend to be deaf or blind.

Since he had replaced the original owner, he would bear all his responsibilities.

He would not take rest and put all his burden on an old man like Marquis Wei Guo.



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