IATTM: Chapter-2 Conquer The Grassroot King Arc (Part-1)


Zhang Sun Meng was very unlucky today, even his scream had attracted the stable boy’s attention.

The stable boy was called He Tai, he had raised royal horses for many years and was much stronger than normal palace eunuch.

He Tai didn’t have any fear of offending Zhang Sun Meng. He directly sued him to the head eunuch for stealing His Majesty’s horse.

Zhang Sun Meng rubbed his painful ass and had to heed the teachings of the head eunuch. 

Zhang Sun Meng counted all his grievances and misfortune on Ji Jin Rong’s head.  

With a heart full of deep resentment, Zhang Sun Meng returned home.

Zhang Sun’s Jia was a house of military lineage. The title of ‘Marquis Wei Guo’ was bestowed upon their ancestors for their military credits. 

This title had passed to Zhang Sun Meng’s grandfather in this generation. But Marquis Wei Guo’s had given birth to a hedonist son and even his grandson was a bastard. The future of Zhang Sun’s Jia was bleak.

Marquis Wei Guo saw Zhang Sun Meng was looking angry and asked about it. After learning about the reason he yelled, “You little bastard, kneel.”

Zhang Sun Meng was stunned, but after watching his grandfather was holding the bed’s edge while reprimanding him. He quickly kneeled and cried, “Grandfather.”

Marquis Wei Guo yelled and said, “Do you think you have the right thing, don’t you? You are the eldest grandson who bears the name of ‘Wei Guo’.”

Zhang Sun Meng said, “I have ridden a horse. That horse was given by you to His Majesty! Besides, you are sick for such a long time and he didn’t even come to see you.”

Zhang Sun Meng’s eyes reddened and he added, “Maybe he didn’t even know that you are still loyal to him.”

Marquis Wei Guo closed his eyes, and after a while, he said, “I have taught you from a very young age like my own child. Whenever your mother mentions that I have sent you to the imperial army to guard the palace and wrecked your future, my heart got pierced by a blunt knife.”

Marquis Wei Guo burst into tears and quickly grabbed the bed’s edge and spit out blood while coughing.

Zhang Sun Meng got frightened and quickly moved to help Marquis Wei Guo and called the servants to invite the doctor immediately.

Marquis Wei Guo gazed sorrowfully at Sun Meng while closing his eyes, and said, “Don’t worry. If you think, I sent you to the palace and destroyed your future like your mother, then you don’t have to go back to the palace. You could come back and help me at home.”

Zhang Sun Meng looked at his grandfather’s deteriorated condition and slammed his head on the ground and said, “Even if His Mystery asked for my blood and flesh, I would not say no to him!”

After hearing his grandson’s pledge, Marquis Wei Guo’s tears once again came out.

Even though Zhang Sun Meng was stubborn, he was also his favorite grandson. The royal family had almost withered. In the past, many influential families would send their children to the army to impress the emperor, but now these families had sent their children out of the capital for their safe future.

Being loyal to the new emperor was like cutting the future road of your success by yourselves. But if everyone would think like that then who would be with the emperor. 

The doctor arrived soon and checked Marquis Wei Guo’s pulse, after a while, the doctor shook his head while saying the disease was incurable.

Before Sun Meng could ask the doctor, a servant hurriedly came to report, “Marquis! Bad News! The imperial college students have blocked the palace gate!”

Marquis Wei Guo complexion paled and he spitted out another mouthful of blood.

Zhang Sun Meng stared harshly at the servant, and the servant got scared.

A moment later, another servant abruptly came and said, “Marquis! King Zhen Nan has sent more than two hundred-years-old ginseng for your speedy recovery! And asked you to cultivate your body.”

Marquis Wei Guo angrily sat up and shouted, “Throw that ginseng out of my house!”

This was not medicine but a deal to take his grandfather’s life.

Zhang Sun Meng hated his obnoxious behavior and vowed in his heart, ‘Even if Zhang Sun family died, he would never support that thief.’

Zhang Sun Meng tried to help Marquis Wei Guo, but Marquis Wei Guo pushed him away, and commanded the guards, “Look after him.”

Then, Marquis Wei Guo asked the first servant to tell him in detail about the students who had earlier come in with the imperial college news. 

This issue was about Li Zheng Yuan’s position. Five days ago, the Jing Cheng’s magistrate received the ‘report’ of Li Zheng Yaun’s bribery and led a team of guards to search his house. 

In the end, the magistrate had found 100,000 silver taels in his house. 

After the silver taels were found, Li Zheng Yuan was released, but the student was still angry so they threw many eggs and rotten vegetables at the door of Li’s.

The guards tried to stop them and the situations escalated. After returning to the imperial college those students created a huge commotion.

They said, all the officials are protecting each other. Those students drafted a list of Li Zheng Yuan’s students and asked the imperial court to investigate them.

Li Zheng Yuan was harsh and made many enemies in the capital, but he was just and honest. 

Those 100,000 silver taels could not be his. Those teams must have come from that Jing Cheng’s magistrate’s pocket.

This search warrant completely damaged Li Zheng Yuan’s name and deteriorated the imperial college’s standing.

Marquis Wei Guo tried to suppress his anger and said, “Bring my armor and sword!”

The guards fell on the knees and started weeping in the silence.

Marquis Wei Gou shouted again, “Bring my armor! Bring my sword!”



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