IATTM: Chapter-1 Conquer The Grassroot King Arc (Part-2)


Ji Jin Rong said, “Your name is a little auspicious.”

The system replied coolly, “You don’t need to care about these insignificant things.”

When Ji Jin Rong woke up, he saw, he was sleeping in an unfamiliar room.

Ji Jin Rong got off the big bed and found this body was decent and had nimble legs.

He had barely escaped death. All the names of these systems sounded very fascinating.

He wanted to dabble with the Chaotic Thief System and get some knowledge about the worlds and the systems.

The original owner was also an emperor, who had died in the plot.

Hearing Ji Jin Rong’s movements, the palace maids entered the room while holding garments and washbasin.

The original owner’s power was nowhere less than Ji Jin Rong’s as an emperor.

Ji Jin Rong quickly craved to order ‘roasted meat of chicken, duck, and pigeon’.

When he tried to order it, he discovered a very small problem with this body, it was nothing big.

It was just that he was a stammer! 

This problem of stammering while speaking made the original host somewhat mute. The original owner would only speak a word at a time to avoid stammering.

The reason for him to be chosen as the emperor was naturally that some people wanted to confiscate the throne, but they didn’t want to carry the eternal disgrace of usurping the throne.

Those people decided to make a puppet as emperor which would be easy to handle. And using that puppet, they decide to rule the court from the shadows.

Ji Jin Rong couldn’t help but sympathize with the original owner.

They were both been used as puppet emperors, but the original owner was more miserable than him. At least, Jin Rong had friends and companions to talk to. 

But, the original owner had no such friends or companions. Because of stammering, he wasn’t able to properly communicates with anyone.

After taking a bath, Ji Jin Rong wore an outfit and went to the riding grounds to practice horse riding.

This was one of the few good things that the original owner was allowed to perform in order to look healthy and regal.

In the last life, Ji Jin Rong’s health was not good so he was not able to ride a horse or practice archery, so he was very much interested in performing these activities. 

Ji Jin Rong’s eyes were shining as he waited for the stable boy to bring him a horse.

An excellent horse!

With the shining copper hair, lean shape, and dark eyes which looked very energetic, this horse was a masterpiece.

He could understand why the original host wanted to ride this horse even after being thrown off this horse several times.

Ji Jin Rong moved ahead to touch that beautiful red hair of the horse.

The red horse snorted disdainfully at Jin Rong while kicking its hoofs.

In reality, learning horse-riding should be on a gentle horse but Ji Jin Rong was not willing to concede when the horse snorted at him?

Ji Jin Rong grunted, and said, “Go.”

After Ji Jin Rong’s condition worsened, he was bedridden for a very long time so even the casual morning walk would make him feel gratified.

The sun rays were warm and very comforting.

Ji Jin Rong was very satisfied with the stroll, but the red horse was feeling exact opposite to it.

It was a racing horse, and somehow it had to accompany Ji Jin Rong for a ‘stroll’! 

It was simply too disgraceful for the horse. It groaned heavily to express its displeasure.

Ji Jin Rong was not in a hurry. He took the red horse and walked around the field and said, “Want to run?”

The red horse gave Jin Rong a look.

Ji Jin Rong didn’t give the red horse any chance to reply, and directly ordered the stable boy, “Change the horse.”

For the next few days, Ji Jin Rong led the red horse to make a circle around the riding-grounds and then change it with a normal riding horse.

Ji Jin Rong was not very good at riding, and even his archery talent was poor.

But, after practicing for a few days his accuracy to hit the target had increased.

Luckily, the original owner’s horse riding was not that good otherwise he would have been uncovered.

On the fourth day, Ji Jin Rong directed the red horse to stroll, but after strolling half a field, the red horse suddenly stopped.

The horse was nailed in a place, it turned to look at Ji Jin Rong angrily as if it was scolding him, ‘This was crossing the line! This person had taken him for a walk every day but he didn’t let it run! The person even made him watch while riding the other horses! It was abominable!’

Ji Jin Rong looked at the red horse with a smile and reached out to touch its shining red hairs.

This time around, the red horse didn’t looked disdainfully or kicked its hoof.

Ji Jin Rong ordered the stable boy, “Help me.”

The stable boy trembled as he helped Ji Jin Rong to mount the red horse.

While holding the reins tightly, Ji Jin Rong caught the red horse’s belly. The horse ran fearlessly and only left a layer of dust behind it. 

It was running very fast, but Ji Jin Rong was as sitting as stable and comfortable as Mount Tai.

The red horse ran for two laps while Ji Jin Rong practice archery on it.

Ji Jin Rong practiced two rounds of archery, and after a while, he dismounted the horse. Jin Rong was already very sweaty and feeling very tired. 

His face was dyed red from all the exertions.

Some distance away from the imperial riding grounds, the grandson of General Zhang Sun  – Zhang Sun Meng who was on duty widened his eyes.

Sun Meng’s gaze was fixed on the riding grounds for a very long time. But, after watching the scene his eyes became open wide with disbelief.

He had been transferred here to guard the riding ground, and he had secretly laughed at Ji Jin Rong’s stupid actions in the last few days. 

He didn’t expect that Ji Jin Rong would be able to ride this red horse. This fiery horse was seized from the north region.

Zhang Sun Meng quietly came to touch the red horse, when the imperial guard’s shift was changing.

Zhang Sun Meng would never have expected to be brutally kicked by the horse as he tried to mount it.


Zhang Sun Meng fell quite heavily onto the ground.

Zhang Sun Meng was very feeling very sad and embarrassed. Ignoring the pain, he reached out and tried to rub his aching butt.


His butt was hurting a lot!



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