IATTM: Chapter-1 Conquer The Grassroot King Arc (Part-1)


[The Lord of the Dead System is installing…]

[Scanning the host’s current information……]

Name: Ji Jin Rong

Age: 17

Popularity Points: 352.5 million

Time Length: 4 years

[Choose to connect with the system: Yes/No]


Ji Jin Rong entered the world of stories and systems like this.

Ji Jin Rong was a child born with a serious illness. A doctor or saint whoever came to check his pulse and would take a glance at his face and signed helplessly, “You will not live past your eighteen birthday.”

Ji Jin Rong knew that he didn’t have much time left, so with a mood to enjoy life, he tried to raise a dog, but somehow he had raised an eagle that only listened to him.

The name of that dog-eagle was Wei Ting Jun.

Wei Ting Jun was Ji Jin Rong’s eyes and ears in the palace, which allowed Ji Jin Rong to know every single detail of the royal court while lying on his sick-bed.

Ji Jin Rong had taught Wei Ting Jun how to read and write. Jin Rong also taught him the art of war, riding horses, and even the martial arts. 

There were many things that Jin Rong even himself didn’t understand, but he still blindly taught him.

Only an idiot like Ting Jun would believe whatever he had taught, without a doubt.

But, he didn’t expect to coincidently raise a great general.

The emperor was weak and muddle-headed, always acted preposterously. 

Even though Wei Ting Jun was young back, then he had an incredible splendor. He coincidentally played a little with his black knight soldier and became the general.

That’s right, it was a coincidence event again, like how Ji Jin Rong coincidentally killed his brothers under the backing of a hundred ministers.

Those ministers chose Ji Jin Rong because he was weak and sick, so it was easy to handle him.

Ji Jin Rong was indeed weak and sick, his time spent more being asleep than being awake, so the imperial power promptly fell into the hands of great general Wei Ting Jun.

Wei Ting Jun was really a despicable, unethical, and defiant person!

Every day that guy would casually break into his palace to search for the small butter roasted chicken that Ji Jin Rong had ordered people to bring in with great efforts.

It was the hard work of his friends, who queued up and purchased that tasty piece for him.

Since Wei Ting Jun had returned to the capital, Ji Jin Rong never had a mouthful of tasty food! He hated it.

Ji Jin Rong berated him, “You are going against the law! You violent gangster!”

Wei Ting Jun for years had dug and whacked Ji Jin Rong’s little roasted chicken and crispy duck meat. He didn’t even let him eat the pigeon legs.

It was ridiculous! Truly Ridiculous!

Even if Wei Ting Jun forced him to refrain from meat and oily food, his deteriorating body still showed no improvement.

When he was on the verge of death, Wei Ting Jun choked and started cursing the Gods.

“Heaven is truly unjust! Why the emperor is not fortunate, but he who was evil was exempted from heaven’s laws!” Such a powerful general held him like a juvenile while crying loudly, even more desperately than him.

“Your majesty! God is unjust. Heaven is unjust!”

Ji Jin Rong wanted to chuckle at Ting Jun’s overly emotional words only to find that he was falling asleep.

In the sleep, he seemed to have entered a place, surrounded by a blank space, only the stars were hanging on his sides.

Ji Jin Rong tried to touch those bright spots. He did not know when a sound rang his mind, “I was waiting for you for a long time!”

Ji Jin Rong tried to take ‘peak’ at it but he wasn’t able to discern anything. 

He wasn’t happy at this feeling of being at a disadvantage, even when he was bed-ridden, he had never let himself be in a situation where he wouldn’t have a way to deal with others.

Ji Jin Rong asked politely, “Who are you?”

The voice replied, “I am a small portable system attached to the main brain of the world. You can help us to deal with a problem!”

The system sounded bitter and explained, “My colleague made a small mistake while it was choosing and binding the host. The Choas System found a powerful host and bound with him, but that guy somehow got rid of its control and put all the people in the world in a very deadly situation. Since this host had appeared, the number of grievances to the main brain has ascended. No one is able to stop him. The main brain had sent me to rectify the mistake, and to find a person that can help us stop him.”

Ji Jin Rong scowled.

He wasn’t able to understand those words clearly.

The voice tinted with self-satisfaction said, “I have scanned every world where that strong existence had went before, and then only I was able to found you.”

The system continued, “You are the only weakness in that powerful existence’s heart. Please help us and stop that existence from ruining more worlds!”

The system change its tone to tempt Ji Jin Rong, “In the return, the main brain will help you regain your life and repair your body. You will have the chance to create the golden age, you always wanted to create.”

Compared to the different worlds being destroyed, the boss had chosen to accept the change of fate in one world.

This was a compromise without any alternative.

You! Ji Jin Rong sharply grasped the meanings behind the system’s words.

Surely it shouldn’t mean that the so-called ‘powerful existence’ was someone he knew?

The system spouted shamelessly, “The powerful person is someone you already know. After your death, that existence became furious with heavens. Because of his strong repulsion towards heaven, The Chaotic Thief System noticed him. And selected him as its host.”

The system added, “Unexpectedly after he had completed the task, he continued to live in the task world while recklessly killing everyone. The Chaotic Thief System had no choice but to force the host to exit the task world.”

The system fearfully continued, “However, due to some error in the extraction process, the system lost its control. And the host gained the power and start controlling the system, he even began to freely pick the task worlds and continued to destroy it!”

Ji Jin Rong could guess who this ‘powerful existence’ was.

After listening to what the system had said, Ji Jin Rong replied, “Not bad at all, this all sounds very cool.”

The system was speechless, “……”

His host seemed a bit scary nothing like his previous hosts!

Ji Jin Rong asked, “If I choose not to agree to bind to you, I would be dead?”

The system replied, “Yes if you don’t agree to connect with the system, you will have to immediately leave this human world.”

The system honestly added, “With your high popularity, if you choose to reincarnate you would have a big fortune with a promising fate.”

Ji Jin Rong wasn’t very interested in making his afterlife blissful.

Even if he reincarnated and lived a fortunate life, he would not be this Ji Jin Rong.

In the end, what was so good about all those big blessings and promising fate which would come at the expense of this life.

He said, “Okay, I (Imperial) choose to connect with you, but since Wei Ting Jun’s system has a name, you should also have a name too, right. What is your name?”

The system said, “I do have a name, I am named ‘The Lord of the Dead System’.”



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