HD: Chapter-2


“Recently, Leo had a seminar in China so he was going back to attend it. Don’t worry, I will ask him to sort out the latest development and bring it with him. Maybe you should try to treat this disease conservatively, and before Leo arrives there.” 

The professor proceeded, “Sophia, don’t forget to record any progress in the situation!”

“Don’t worry, Professor. I will record every detail.” Bi Yan smiled and after saying goodbye hung up the phone.

Bi Yan raised her head and looked at the dead willow tree outside the window. She was dazed, Cheng Zhi Xun was coming back? 

Bi Yan touched her chest, only felt a little painful.

The senior brother who knew everything about her past, a brother who had taken care of her for a decade was going back.

Bi Yan closed her eyes, but she was afraid of anticipation, afraid to think about those sad and deliberately buried memories. 

The man standing in the shade with a gentle smile that could melt even a block of ice saying, “Bi Yan, girls shouldn’t keep a straight face…”

Girls shouldn’t keep a straight face…

I still have a straight face, but can you remind me?

Bi Yan squatted down reminiscing in pain, clutching her chest tightly.

The next morning, when Cao Chen arrived outside the ward, he wanted to knock on the door first. But, he suddenly heard a roar from the ward.

“Gu Zhou, you and your kid want to piss me off?!” Gu Xing, feeling frustrated, kept striding in the ward.

“Last time, when I asked you, you said that your wife was pregnant for less than three months, so you can’t travel. This time, your wife was more than six months pregnant and so you won’t be able to travel. Next time, do you want to say that your child is a newborn, so you can’t come.”

“Why are you against me? Have you never thought of coming back for the wedding?!” Gu Xing roared like an angry lion, unable to beat the stinky boy.

The person on the phone unhurriedly laughed, but when it came to the safety of his wife, his attitude was very determined, so he refused to back down.

“Okay! Your wife is pregnant, forget it, you remember to come back soon!” Gu Xing angrily hung up the phone and threw the mobile phone back to the bed. 

“Master Gu, Miss Bi told you to not get angry with this illness…” Cao Chen cautiously reminded Gu Xing.

“Not be angry? How can I not be angry?” Gu Xing glared strongly at Cao Chen.

“What that kid Gu Zhou promised me? He wanted a wedding in City A and then he wanted a wedding here in Hong Kong, so I have arranged two weddings for him, but now this bastard kid has been procrastinating again and again!”

“He deliberately wants to piss me off!!” 

Cao Chen quietly shut up, formerly, he could have persuaded Master Gu to go to City A to visit the second young master and his wife. But now this illness, how could Master Gu travel to city A by plane?     

“Master Gu, you can directly tell the situation to the second young master. The second young master will come back. With him, helping you with Gu’s affairs, it won’t be hard on you…” Cao Chen couldn’t bear but speak up.

The Second Young Master had the ability and courage and had a good relationship with Master Gu.

Gu Xing knew what his confidant meant, but he gave his assistant a warning look.

“Cao Chen, you are not allowed to tell him. As long as I am not dead, I must not let Gu Zhou know about all of this, do you understand?”    

Looking at Gu Xing’s firm expression, Cao Chen could only nod his head helplessly.     

“You don’t need to care about it. Gu Zhou and Gu Lian are the only people who I care about most in my life. After my mother’s death, I am their only support.” 

Gu Xing obstinately spoke, “The Gu family can crumble down, but not a single hair should be hurt on their head!”     

“I understand.” Cao Chen soundlessly lowered his head.

The ward fell into deep silence.

After a while, Gu Xing turned his head and told Cao Chen, “I don’t think Gu Zhou will not come back for the wedding. All the preparations should be canceled. Fortunately, the media has yet to not be notified…that bastard!”

“Canceled?” Cao Chen looked up in surprise.

“But I have already talked to the wedding planner and the hotel. Even if we didn’t notify the media, the news about the wedding isn’t hidden…”

Gu Xing became annoyed and cursed again.

 “This bastard kid only knows how to mess things up!”

“Tuk-Tuk-Tuk” Three soft rhythmic knocks came from outside the ward.

Gu Xing’s annoyed expression disappeared, turning his head and he coldly spoke.

“Come in.”



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