HD: Chapter-1


“How is Gu Cheng Ying doing? “

“Gu Cheng Ying was applying for foreign transfer. It seems like he is willing to give up his inheritance rights.” 

Cao Chen hesitated, but still said, “Since Master Gu has obtained power, and implemented many reforms, the interests of those elders are threatened. If you insist on cutting Gu Cheng Ying’s position, it will certainly cause a big turmoil…”

After listening, Gu Xing became silent, although he wanted to solve all those old guys at once, but what Cao Chen said made sense. 

Those useless people had entangled and dominated the Gu’s for many years. If they were heavily corrected, they might harm the group. The gain wouldn’t be worth the loss.

“Okay, leave the revenge for the time being, only abolish Gu Cheng Ying’s position. Regarding his transfer application, I agree. But send some guys to follow him and let them keep an eye on it.”

“Also, increase the search for Gu Mo, Gu Cheng Ying’s daughter. And sent a few more people to protect her, don’t let those guys find any loopholes.”

“Yes! “Cao Chen nodded.

“Also, let out the news that Master Gu is going to the United States for inspection in a few days.”

“You have to take care of the company’s affairs these days.” 

After hearing Master Gu’s command, Cao Chen walked out of the ward.

Before leaving he told the bodyguards to always be alert.

“Little Bi, that patient…” Uncle Yan asked, not understanding the somewhat abnormal scene before.

“The day before yesterday Master Gu went to Huachen. Bi Sheng is my father.” Hearing it, Uncle Yan was extremely shocked. 

Bi Yan was Bi Sheng’s daughter? 

Uncle Yan didn’t know this. 

So, A’Xing almost forced Little Bi’s father to jump off the building? 

My God!!!

“This…Little Bi…he is still your patient…” Uncle Yan talked in a little incoherent speech. 

He didn’t know what to do, everything had turned upside down now?

“Dean, you don’t have to worry, as a doctor, I know how to keep my personal feelings away from my work.” Bi Yan calmly spoke, looking straight at Uncle Yan.

“Of course…of course. I believe in Xiao Bi’s character.” After speaking, Uncle Yan took a small sip of the tea awkwardly. 

The little Bi’s eyes were cold and clear, like the sharpest scalpel, also hitting the key point.

“In that case, Master Gu’s illness will be entrusted to you, Xiao Bi.” Uncle Yan laughed.

“The dean, you can be rest assured, In Master Gu’s case I will try to do my best.” After assuring the dean, Bi Yan stood up and bowed slightly.

“If there is nothing else, I will go first.”

“Okay…Xiao Bi, go and work.” Uncle Yan waved his hands.

Bi Yan said goodbye and left.

When Bi Yan left, Uncle Yan let out a long sigh and whispered, “Looking at little Bi’s cold temperament, who could think she is a disciple of the famous Professor?”

After leaving the dean’s office, Bi Yan went straight to her office with a downturned mood. Not looking as calm as before, but was a little excited. 

Bi Yan quickly took out her phone and dialed her tutor’s number, and other doctors didn’t know how much effort her tutor had put into this disease, but she knew it. 

Therefore, she wouldn’t let her emotions affect Gu Xing’s illness.

Of course, tricky people like Gu Xing would never take his life as a gamble, so Huachen’s urgent problem was already solved. For her, it was already very good news.   

After a few moments, the phone was connected, and a kind old voice came from the other side. Hearing the Professor’s voice after so long, Bi Yan couldn’t help but recall her past in Germany.

Her eyes turned slightly red.  

However, Bi Yan quickly calmed down her emotions and briefed the professor about the situation.     

Listening to the case, the professor was very excited. He wanted to immediately fly to China, but after a thought, he became a little depressed.

“Professor, is there something wrong?” Bi Yan inexplicably asked. She thought that after listening to the case, the professor would immediately fly here.

“Sophia, I want to go there too, but recently, you know…a member of the royal family is sick. So,  I have to stay in Germany…” The professor sounded very frustrated.

Bi Yan felt a little disappointed. She thought that she would see the professor again.



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