CPVTTF: Chapter-24 Arc2 (Part-7)


098 kept listening to the exaggerated tone of one big and one small for two hours.

How did the little devil know so many words?

In the end, Ling Chu Nan stayed for over three hours in the female lead’s house. 

Finally, Chu Yun Ge rang the doorbell.

While going back with Chu Yun Ge, Ling Chu Nan suddenly remembered the agent. He hadn’t seen him for a long time, it had been about five or six months, his injury should have almost healed. 

Looking at the man sitting next to him, and remembering why his agent imprisoned him,  Ling Chun Nan suddenly felt bored.

“Baby, is something wrong?” Chu Yun Ge asked, “Is something on my face?”

“No. I think you are good-looking.” Ling Chu Nan praised.

“Baby, you like it.”

Looking at Yun Ge’s gentle face, Ling Chu Nan suddenly became a little annoyed, and asked, “098, how long can I stay in this world after completing this task?”

“Host, your time limit for this mission is half a year.” In other words, he could only stay in this world till his death.

“Know.” Ling Chu Nan closed his eyes.

“Although the host, I don’t know how this person followed you in this world. 098 still wants to remind you, host, you shouldn’t have feelings for the characters in the mission world.”


When the car arrived home, Ling Chu Nan had still kept his eyes closed, as seemed to be asleep. Chu Yun Ge carefully carried him to the bed, and skillfully changed his pajamas.

After putting him back on the quilt, he kissed and said, “Baby, I love you.”

When Chu Yun Ge’s footsteps disappeared, Ling Chu Nan unhurriedly opened his eyes and turned over.

“098, do you remember the question I have asked you before binding?”

098 answered, “Remember.” 

“Can you answer me now?”

“Host, as long as you accept the binding, you can no longer quit it.” 098 mechanical voice was a bit cold. 

“After binding, you only have two choices. If the task succeeds, you will get the energy point. If it fails, the energy points will be deducted. As long as the energy point is not negative, you will not be erased.”

Before the energy point was not negative, the tasker has only one choice, to perform the task endlessly.

“What will happens if the energy point reaches the highest value?”

“You will live forever.” 098 said. 

“But these tasks will become more and more difficult, and only a few taskers gained so many energy points, mainly many of them get confused easily by the world and develop feelings with the characters of the mission world, causing the failure to complete the task.”

098 paused and said, “Although I am surprised by your personality, I still hope that you can complete the tasks to the end. And I also hope that you will not make the same mistakes as the previous taskers.”

Ling Chu Nan indifferently nodded, and said, “Don’t worry, I will complete it.”

098 couldn’t understand this host, said that he was ruthless, but still have feelings for Chu Yun Ge, and said that he was affectionate, but still, could turn his head and leave.

In any case, as long as the host was completing the task, it was a good thing.

Recently, Chu Yun Ge and Ling Chu Nan weren’t bothered by anyone. 

The entertainment industry of the male lead had fallen apart, and the artists had joined new companies. Lin Tian Hao naturally had no time to date Ling Chun Nan. 

Even his most trusted right-hand man took away the company’s last funds and sold it to his rival company.

Lin Tian Hao had nowhere to go.

At that time, he thought of Ling Chu Nan, if Chu Nan was willing to sign into his company then with his fame and reputation, he could at least save his brokerage company.

Therefore, Lin Tian Hao asked Ling Chu Nan on a date.

Ling Chu Nan went.

At the first look, the man had grown a beard and his eyes were deep even his hair was fished up. His eyes were full of anxiety and were on the verge of collapse.

Lin Tian Hao couldn’t wait and said, “A’Nan, you must help me. I only have you now.”

“Well? What does Mr. Lin mean? ” Chu Nan’s face was somewhat puzzled.

“I hope, you can come to my company. I will give you the best contract.” Lin Tian Hao’s tone was filled with temptation, “80% of the profit. As long as you joined, I will directly promote you to vice president’s post.”

“Anyway, we will be a family in the future.”

Ling Chu Nan was a little surprised at the male lead’s logic. “When did I say that I wanted to be part of your family?” 

098: “Host, his brain circuit is unique as if as long as he looked at the person, that person will eventually become his family.”

Ling Chu Nan seriously rejected the proposal. 

“Sorry, Mr. Lin. I am happy with my current brokerage company.”

“And at most, we can only be regarded as normal friends. By saying this, you will kill me. I am just a little star, not worthy.”

“Aren’t we in love?” Lin Tian Hao’s eyes were unbelievable.

Ling Chu Nan smiled, and said, “I remember, I have still not agreed to your pursuit.” 

He paused at looked at the man who was sneakily looking at their table and added, “And, I already have a boyfriend. I hope that Mr. Lin will not say such things. If my boyfriend hears and misunderstands, it would be bad.”

Ling Chu Nan stared at the man, the man ran over and smirked at Chu Nan.

He turned over and in an indifferent and dangerous tone said, “Mr. Lin, please don’t hit his idea.”

Seeing Chu Yun Ge’s, Lin Tian Hao’s face became distorted.

At this time, Lin Tian Hao understood.

No wonder, he failed to use public opinion to attack Chu Nan and there was no wonder that his company reached this point. It turned out because of this person!

He knew Chu Yun Ge’s identity and knew that his company was not Chu Yun Ge’s opponent, but he didn’t understand why Chu Yun Ge wanted to kill him.

Because he once stuffed a woman into Chu Yun Ge’s bed or was it because of Ling Chu Nan?

Lin Tian Hao’s emotion that had been suppressed to the extreme, finally broke out. 

“Curse! You are a curse!”

TL Note: Sorry! This book has been dropped. If any translator picked it up, I will share the link.



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