CPVTTF: Chapter-24 Arc2 (Part-6)


“Baby, have you not heard about his previous scandals, he is a bad person.” Chu Yun Ge said while putting his hands on Chu Nan’s waist.

Ling Chu Nan didn’t say a word but simply laughed at him.

After coming to the parking lot, Ling Chu Nan said, “Did you drive here?”

Chu Yun Ge shook his head, and said, “No, I took the cab.”

Chu Nan nodded and threw the car key at him. 

While looking at the man who was sitting on the driver’s seat, 098 told, “He came here by car, his car is on the left side of the second pillar.”

Ling Chu Nan in a calm voice said, “I know.”

098 suddenly felt the need to sympathize with the man who was trying his best to chase the host.

Chu Yun Ge didn’t drive immediately, but first tied the seat belt for Chu Nan and then he pressed on him.

When Ling Chu Nan looked at the deep blue eyes of Yun Ge, and it was full of grievances. 

“Baby, you called him Tian Hao.”

“So?” Ling Chu Nan didn’t understand.

The man felt even more wronged after hearing Chu Nan’s words and said, “You call me by my full name.” 

Ling Chu Nan touched the man’s neck and with his eyes filled with smiles said, “You want me to call you Gege? Or Yunyun?”

Yun Ge’s eyes fell on Chu Nan’s red lips and in a low voice, he said, “Brother is fine.”

Feeling the change in Yun Ge’s body, Ling Chu Nan nodded and said, “Brother, can you move? I am not feeling comfortable like this.”

Originally 098 thought it would be a quiet drive, but it was strange without using any ambiguous words, how come a simple ‘brother’ became so ambiguous coming from his host mouth.

From that day, Chu Nan liked to call Yun Ge ‘brother’, whenever they were together.

098 felt desperate while watching the host’s public display of affection. The only comfort for 098 was that fortunately, Ling Chu Nan didn’t forget the mission.

The Male lead’s company also started having problems. Of course, it was not something Ling Chu Nan had done.

Many problems arose in the big projects of Male lead’s company, but whenever Chu Nan looked at Chu Yun Ge, the other party would give him an innocent look. 

Whenever he wanted to ask, Yun Ge would take him to the bed saying that he was not allowed to meet Lin Tian Hao.

This man was full of vinegar, Ling Chu Nan wasn’t bothered about him, so when he got the invitation from the son of the Female lead, he left the house.

“Host, would it be good to go to the Female lead’s home?” 098 asked Chu Nan.

“The woman is busy shooting the advertisements, she will come back after five days. There is only one nanny at home.” Ling Chu Nan said.

After seeing Chu Nan, the little guy rushed over and called, “Big brother!”

Ling Chu Nan took the little guy into his arms and kissed his face. The little guy smiled and kissed him back and said, “Big brother, you are very beautiful!”

Chu Nan smiled back and said, “Xiao Chen is also very cute.”



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