CPVTTF: Chapter-24 Arc2 (Part-5)


Ling Chu Nan was only able to get up from the bed in the afternoon of the next day.

On the TV, the news of the bad reviews on the product of Xinyu Media’s subsidiary group was overwhelmingly discussed. The news channels were continuously playing the complaints of the victims’ families.

“These news reporters are quite diligent. They even went to take victim’s video so late at night.” Ling Chu Nan sighed.

Last night, Wu Zichu went to the bar after being irritated with the company’s news.

After drinking a few bottles, he lost consciousness. He was woken up in the morning by a vulgar woman, “Boss, you said you will pay me two thousand dollars for a night?”

Wu Zichu took his wallet and threw a stack of notes, and said, “Get lost.”

After taking the money, the woman kissed him and left. After remembered something, she turned back and said, “Boss, you and the person in the news looked quite similar, I think you should go and watch the news.” 

Massaging the painful eyebrows, Wu Zichu got up and wore his rumpled clothes, while thinking about the vulgar woman with a little disgust he turned towards the bathroom to wash.

Halfway through the bath, Wu Zichu remembered something. He directly went to the bed and opened his mobile phone. As he unlocked the phone, the phone automatically shut down.

 Wu Zichu snorted and wore yesterday’s clothes. 

While walking out of the hotel, Wu Zichu felt that there were a lot of people who were paying attention to him and even pointing towards him.

Wu Zichu was famous and many men and women would often look at him, but today it was somewhat different.

Wu Zichu suddenly remembered the woman’s word, and his heartbeat could not help but stop for a moment. 

What was on the news?

Wu Zichu quickly rushed home. As he arrived at the door, he saw the police officers were guarding his door.  

“Hello, Mr. Wu Zichu, you need to come with us. We are here for a commercial case and we need you to cooperate with us.”

When Lin Tian Hao knew that Wu Zichu was arrested, he was already on the date with Ling Chu Nan.

Hearing the system prompt of the increase in counter-attack value by 10%, Ling Chu Nan smiled in his heart.

Meanwhile, putting on a worried face, he asked, “Mr. Lin, what happened? Is everything alright?”


Lin Tian Hao handed the menu to Ling Chu Nan and said, “After all, you shouldn’t sound so unfamiliar. A’Nan can call me Tian Hao.”

Ling Chu Nan nodded and seriously said. “Tian Hao.”

Lin Tian Hao turned his head and coughed.

“098, see his ears are red.” Ling Chu Nan told 098.

098 was speechless. 

098 already knew that his host can bend any man.

For the rest of the date, Lin Tian Hao was somewhat absent-minded. He didn’t even propose to send Chu Nan home. 

After bidding farewell, Lin Tian Hao left in a hurry.

When Lin Tian Hao left, Chu Nan turned to look at the table next door.

After no more than five seconds, a tall, handsome man of mixed race stood up and rushed towards him. 


Ling Chu Nan looked at him and said, “Yeah, baby.”

After seeing that Chu Nan was leaving, the man quickly chased him and said, “Baby, I am here to protect you, if the guy tried something.”

Without looking at him, Ling Chu Nan strode towards the door.



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1 year ago

Thank you!! I thought it was dropped, thankfully it’s not!!