CPVTTF: Chapter-24 Arc2 (Part-4)


“He must have looked very good when the woman he liked had returned his check to him.” Ling Chu Nan said to 098.

Then only 098 realized it was Ling Chu Nan who had sent someone to inform the female lead.

Wu Zi Chu was from a poor family, he came from the countryside with a local college degree. But, before being 30 he had made tens of millions. 

The God of fortune had always been good to him, but from the time he had helped Yang Qing Ya to get that role in the drama, his wheels of fortune had somehow turned down.

Firstly, the investments he had made earlier were misled, then his company’s shares were manipulated which caused the downfall of his company’s shares in the market. 

In addition to this, the production company he had owned had also got into a problem. Not only the production stopped but also the products that were sold out returned in the name of bad-quality to the company.

In between this, somehow Yang Qing Ya knew about him funding her to get the role in this movie.

He helped Qing Ya because he loved her, but he didn’t know what got wrong and as his company was in trouble he wasn’t able to focus on Qing Ya.

When Qing Ya left that day after confronting him, he knew that he had no chance with her.

But, after a few days, he got a forty million cheque which was five million more than he had invested in her.

The last sentence Yang Qing Ya said to him after returning the money was that they have no relationship with each other after this.

While tightly holding the cheque, Wu Zi Chu took a deep breath, he needed this money.

“Host, Is Wu Zi Chu going to invest this money back into his company.” 098 asked Ling Chu Nan.

The character of this Wu Zi Chu was bad, 098 thought.

Long Chu Nan was busily working on his computer, his fingers were jumping on the keyboard. There was a line of characters that were appearing and disappearing on the screen very quickly.

“Even if you admire me, you should also focus on our work.” 098, felt ridiculed by hearing this.

Ling Chu Nan’s plan was working smoothly, Wu Zi Chu had used that money to fill the gap in the company.

According to the next step, Ling Chu Nan now needed to create more scandals related to the production company.

The company’s product was still in the market, and if the news that it could cause cancer to the humans got leaked, Xingyu Media could not be able to handle it.

Even those forty million investments in reviving the company would be wasted. 

098 became scared and asked, “Host, did you do this?”

Ling Chu Nan smiled and asked, “How could I do this? Do you think I will hurt innocent people to complete the task?”

098 didn’t speak, but his silence was the best affirmative answer.

Ling Chu Nan again said, “I am an ethical person. As my system and consider our partnership you should try to believe my principles.”

098 said, “Yes. Host, I will.”

Ling Chu Nan had lived in this world for many years, he naturally remembered this scandal. But, after coming back he knew that the male lead also had hidden shares in it.

That’s why in his last life this news got quickly drowned by them. This time, Chu Nan had to work faster than them to leak the news.

After a while, Chu Yun Ge came back and placed Ling Chu Nan in his lap and rested his head on Chu Nan’s shoulder. 

“Baby, you should believe me and give me a chance to handle this?”

Ling Chu Nan touched the man’s hair and said, “I am working, so don’t create troubles.”

Ling Chu Nan had no issue in using Chu Yun Ge’s power, but he wanted to punish those men by himself and satisfy his blood-lust.

Zhang Yu Feng was editor-in-chief of a famous gossip magazine ‘Yuan Chen Media’. They published the most scandalous news and they made that news viral in a day.

Late at night, Zhang Yu Feng received an email with no name. 

While drinking his coffee, he opened it. He first thought it was a prank mail, but as he read more and more, his expression became more and more intense.

Zhang Yu Feng’s heart was beating very fast and he was breathing very quickly because of the excitement.

After reading the mail, he started taking laps in his room and said, “So that’s why Xinyu Media was behaving so low-key. If this news is true, tomorrow’s edition will be a blast.”

That night, many other editors and publishers received the same mail.



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