CPVTTF: Chapter-24 Arc2 (Part-3)


Ling Chu Nan unhurriedly replied, “Mr. Lin, I am sorry for making you wait. I had a small accident when I was approaching the coffee shop. I have been bed-ridden for a week and my mobile phone was also lost after the accident.”

He added, “I am calling with my friend’s phone now.”

Ling Chu Nan spoke in a very sincere tone while looking at himself in the bathroom’s mirror.

“Are you fine? I didn’t get any news from your crew, was the accident serious?

Lin Tian Hao hurriedly asked Lin Chu Nan a series of questions, his voice was no longer sounding angry.

“It wasn’t a big deal. I was recognized by some fans on the road, so I had to run away during which I accidentally fell in the pond near the road.”

After replying, Ling Chu Nan coughed softly and added, “It seems, I have to work hard on strengthening my body.”

With an expressionless face, Ling Chu Nan confused the male lead. Looking at the terrible host, 098 decided to never provoke him.

After finishing the call, Ling Chu Nan went through the contact list on Chu Ge’s phone.

Not only the contacts, but even the history of calls were the same as him. 

“He had made mine and his phone interoperable. This is truly an infringement of my privacy.” Ling Chu Nan spoke to 098.

098 carefully said, “The camera in the bathroom is still active.”

Lin Chu Nan said, “This thing is beyond putting surveillance cameras in the bathroom. If I decided to date some other person someday, then he would be the first person to know it, by looking at my call record.”

Taking a deep breath, he added, “This is very irritating.” 

098 gave no response.

“Baby, are you taking a call? Who are you chatting with?” Chu Yun Ge asked from across the bathroom door.

Giving the mobile phone to Chu Ge, Lin Chu Nan smiled and said, “I want to eat meat.”

098 suddenly felt relieved, as long as the host liked this man’s flesh, he would never derail. It was not easy to find a walking food stock.

Lin Chu Nan had his plan to deal with the male lead’s. He had refused Chu Ge’s direct plan to kill that person.

This was his revenge, he was the victim, so he would decide what and how to handle that person.

In the end, Yun Ge had to compromise with Lin Chu Nan dealing with Lin Tian Hao, but Chu Nan was not allowed to have any physical contact with Tian Hao.

Ling Chu Nan easily promised Chu Yun Ge, moreover, he had his plans to handle the male lead.

Even though Ling Chu Nan didn’t appear in front of the camera for a while, a photo of him while shooting the movie from the set went viral.

Half of the comments were negative on the photo, but someone had already helped him deal with it, he knew who was it. 

But as long as Chu Yun Ge didn’t interfere with Lin Tian Huo and Wu Zi Chu’s matter, he had no problem with it.

“A’Nan, is your body recovered? Why don’t you take a day or two rest?”

Lin Chu Nan was finally able to go to the onset on the tenth day, and he was instantly surrounded by fan-girls.

The director, Chen Xian Lin came to his rescue. The director was looking worriedly at Lin Chu Nan.

He even hinted at Chu Nan in a profound tone. In the industry, if you don’t want to suffer, you have to endure.

Lin Chu Nan didn’t reply and pretended not to understand his words, and while thanking the director he went to his make-up room.

“What do you think he meant by his words?”

098 replied, “Sorry, 098 wasn’t able to comprehend the meaning of the earlier conversation.”

Ling Chu Nan laughed.

“The director may have thought that your relation with Chu Yun Ge was that of a sugar baby and daddy.”

098 added, “Even though the director’s word was not very good but it was for your good.”

“A’Nan.” A woman’s voice surrounded from behind him.

Yang Qing Ya’s face was pale with big dark circles under her eyes, she didn’t have a good night’s sleep in a while. 

Ling Chu Nan smiled and said, “Come in.”

Several assistants and make-up artists were in the room waiting for him. 

When they saw Ling Chu Nan, they smiled and greeted him.

After entering the lounge, Ling Chu Nan poured a glass of hot water to Yang Qing Ya and said, “Why is your face looking so bad? Are you okay?”

While taking the glass, Yang Qing Ya said, “No, everything is good. Thank you.”

“If you need any help, you can find me. Aren’t we friends?” Ling Chu Nan sincerely spoke.

Slowly Yang Qing Ya relaxed, and while holding the warm water cup, she couldn’t help but speak, “Recently, I found out that I got this role with the help of my friend.”

Ling Chu Nan asked, “Is that person your boyfriend?”

Yang Qing Ya frowned and replied, “No, he is not. I thought that I have got the role with my strength. But, I got this role because he spent money on the movie.”

She embarrassingly asked, “I can’t quit the movie, but I want to return the money. So…can you lend me money to pay him back?”

Ling Chu Nan smiled and said, “We are friends, you can easily ask for this kind of help. How much money do you need?” 

Yang Qing Ya softly said, “Forty million.”

098 seemed dazzled while looking at the zeroes.

“098, This is called an investment.” 

“The woman, he liked didn’t appreciate his work, and she even went ahead to borrow money from the other man to pay him back.” Ling Chu Nan smiled happily and instructed the make-up artist to start applying the makeup on his face.



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Thank you for picking up the translation ❤️